When i originally made this accord section, it was the hottest due to the fact that i am in love with a 90-93 Honda Accord. I drooled and dreamt about the car for 4 years before finally owning one in May 98. SO... to pay tribute to the car ive got so much love for, i made a site with random cars from the web.

Now ... i want people i actually 'know' or have met through tha web to be on here, complete with links to webpages and email addies if provided. If you own a 4th gen and would like to be on tha page, shoot me email to nujerzee9@hotmail with the following information along with three good pics:

Name: (Mista Flipsta)
Email: (mistaflipsta@yamomshouse.com)
Model: (1990 Accord EX 4dr)
WebPg: (http://whips.flipsta.com)
Quote: (betta to be pissed off than pissed on)

Mista Flipsta nujerzee9@hotmail 1990 Accord EX FE 4dr (flipsta edition)
http://whips.flipsta.com - Quote: "Get an EX Bitch!"

Chris Snoopdogg_77@hotmail 1991 Honda Accord 4 Dr
Quote: "I eat ford's for breakfast"

Bryan 1992 Accord EX
More Pics - Quote: "Drive it like you stole it!"

Jay 1990 Accord
ThaFlooredAccord - Quote: "@#%# It!"

Weldon 1992 Accord EX
Quote: "Ayyyyyyeeeerrrrrrrrrrro!"

Mista Flipsta 2 nujerzee9@hotmail 1991 Accord EX FEII
http://whips.flipsta.com - Quote: "It's tha muthaphukkin HOOPTIE!!!"

Misc Pix Random Chit Luv those Accords!