You may ask why all this mess needs to be documented... Well ... it's for my own personal benefit. Some information may help those with the same problem. Some may just seem like endless banter. Regardless of how u feel about it, it worx for me so suck it up and click on some otha chit, or read this stuff and enjoy.


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Here it is. . .finally, the first pics of the regular old flipwhip. The car i've drooled and dreamt about for 4 years. Yes, a 1990 Honda Accord EX (bitch!), Flipsta Edition. I bought the car at the end of May 98 for $6800 with only 69.7k miles on it. Unfortunately, though, i've run into a few problems. Of course, the deal was too good to be true.
After about three weeks, transmission fluid was leaking... about a quart a day. That was because the drive shaft was coming off, because the front axle was too short! So whoever put that axle on fugged up big time! So after that $327.50, just before 4th of July weekend, the brakes completely went! My dumb ass didnt get the car completely checked out.. or rather i say, i never made time for it. So that's what i get. So i replace my brakes for $43 and 8k miles/3mo later, theyre goin! A Honda brake job is costing about $250... but i think i betta hit up Midas when theyre doing a special or something!
Well, brakes ended up costing me $472! Brakes were shot all the way around. Grrrr...
Somewhere in here i got my car tinted out. Twenty percent all the way around... for $145, and some clears, at $60, but only for the front. They do not make all four clears for the rear lights on 90-91'z. What tha hell is that all about!?!?!?!
8 Oct 98 Im riding along, minding my business at about 35 mph on a 40 mph road, cuz it's raining, when this dumb muhphuka decides to switch lanes, cuz his lane isnt moving, without looking behind him! So, as im slowly strolling past him, he pulls right into my passenger door. Grrrr....
18 Oct 98 I officially became part of THE INFAMOUS as the sticker was placed on the car.
8 Nov 98 We are travelling to Atco for the car show, and we got pulled over for tints! Just about 2 minutes from the show, we watched the cops walk to their cars, and pull out in front of two of the nine of us. When a few ppl came back, they were almost ticketed, but got out, through pba cards. So far, only i got a ticket. Then comes back Mark, who is no longer in the Infamous, who racked up 4 tickets! Mouth. Anywayz, they were small town cops, all the way down to the "Yee Haw!" one let out while they were writing Mark's tickets. I hate redneck cops. $42

24 Jan 99 Tonight, my car caught on fire! I dont know. One second, it was running fine, until i smelt a foul smell through the vents, and felt the idle drop. So im revving the engine in hopes to revive it, when smoke starts coming out from under the hood, and the engine and oil lights come on. When i pop the hood, sure enough my alternator was in flames! It took, a pitcher of water, all of a small fire extinguisher, a big ass bucket of water (courtesy of the resturant), half of a full size fire extinguisher (also courtesy of the resturant), and about a quarter of the fire department's fire extinguisher to get the flame out. Actually, it was only supposed to take just disconnecting one lil wire, and the battery, but in the panic, no one realized. So right now, my car looks like a ghost with all the white extinguisher powder all over it. So now i'm in the process of getting that fixed. Let's hope it's not too much more than $500. Big shouts to first Shai, Trev, Brian K, and Mark C of THE INFAMOUS for helping out with everything during the fire. And shouts out to everyone who put RIP FLIPSTA EDITION on the side and windshield of my car. Thanx to Paul (The PREZ) i have pics of the action already, a day later. (shown below) Thanx again yall!
17/18 Feb 99 Got my car back. Got the engine steam cleaned and the car washed. Costed me about $500 to fix and get cleaned. It's not bad considering that my car was on fire! But i have to now get my oil changed (overdue since before it was on fire almost a month ago) and get the belts on the alternator tightened. They replaced the ignition, the ignition coil, and put in the new alternator. Maybe i shoulda cleaned the engine BEFORE i put it in the shop, cuz dude said all the mechanics were itchin all day because of the extinguisher powder that was all over the place. Daah well. Done and done. Im back on the road. (knock on wood) Now i gotta make a new tape to bump!
4/5 Mar 99 Well ive been sick for a week, but im back again. Turns out though, my car was sluggish when it came to starting, so i had to take it in to my regular mechanic to get it fixed. What was the problem? My battery was dying! So i had to have that replaced, got a tune up complete with new sparkplug wires as well, and told him to replace the timing belt on the next day. Total cost, once mo gen, $500. Im satisfied that EVERYTHING that happens, has to cost along the lines of $500. Is that just the round figure and ppl want to charge me that, or what? *Shrug* Whateva. Now that the car is running smoothly (knock on wood AGAIN) i guess i can go on and get the remaining rims, and make plans to get the joint painted. It's just been too cold to do much of anything to the car as is, so it has gone unchanged for the past ... 3 months or so. Eh, what can i say. On with the warm weather already! $500
3 Apr 99 Finally, another something to add to my car! I finally got some sidemarkers put in. Smoke no doubt. The big mistake, though, was that i put blue bulbs in, thinking they were cool. Well... they would be, but i forsee many PULLOVERS before i finally get a chance to change them. I WILL make more of an effort to change them, though, should i get pulled over once. Wheneva the painting takes place, i will change the bulbs to clear though. They only come on when i turn for now, so there is less of a chance of me being spotted, AND when they drilled into one side, they found the fender was FULL of putty! What this means, is that that car was in a hell of an accident at one time. That would explain the short axle, and the new windshield the guy said he put in just before we bought it. He is a great con artist. I still got luv for my car though. Ok.. enough with the book. Cost: $85 for bulbs, markers, and installation. $85
Tha Summa 99 Well, basically, a lot of shit has happened this summer of 1999. There were a few minor lighting changes which only include superwhite replacements, and the rims finally did go on my car some time in May of this year, but there were a few potholes that did some dirt to them during this summer. Bottom line... im gonna have to put two in the shop, and get two more! That's ok... it's just about winter time anyway! [In September?] I'm also no longer a part of The Infamous Auto Club. No beef or anything, just decided to drop for monetary reasons. If all goes well and my car gets done up for the spring of 2000, maybe i will hop back in. No luv lost.
23 Sept 99 I finally hit 100K miles just today! And to celebrate, i lost my front passenger speaker, two days ago, my front door speaker was soaked when i washed my car, as well as the entire area around the sunroof! [Which was NOT open the slightest bit!] So now we've got that to check into... if it isnt one thing, it's ALWAYS another. Maybe it's time to just get another whip. "But we've been through sooo much together!" Who knows what next spring can bring.
GOOD NEWS!!! Somewhere in here i looked up my car in the blue book, and it turns out that at 100k miles, for my car, it's actually worth what i paid for it!!!! Of course, that only means, in *perfect condition* which we all know my car is not... until next spring! But whateva!
14 Oct 99 Caught a flat last night while in NYC, but it didnt show up til AFTER i got to work! SO... i missed the pic with the donut on, but it was funny to see my whip with 3 rims and a donut! At least these three guys on the side of a road waiting for a bus or something thought it was funny. 'Least i got a whip BITCH!!! Anywayz, no more rims til spring!!! I guess that would also mean no more stories til then either!!! Yeah right...
13 Nov 99 Finally, something new and worth mentioning on this page!!! My rotors (which were supposed to be replaced last year) were warping or something, so i decided to just go ahead and buy some more. So now im sporting PowerStop cross drilled rotors and Brembo Titanium Metallic pads. The pads are supposed to be the newest hottest isht, but you know how that goes. It's the newest and hottest til the next thing comes out, but ive got a one up on the carbon fiber and carbon kevlar pads! Ok.. enough of that already. Cost: $55 for pads, $269 for rotors. $324
15 Nov 99 Ha.. well keeping the general scheme of things going, i was finally able to get all four clear tails!!!! YES!!! Of course, they were put in at night. There's not much more behind it than that, so pics are coming soon. Until the bulbs fade, or i paint the bottom half of the lights, they look good as hell!!! Soon as i rolled out the shop, ppl were staring. HA! Im the only one i know with all 4 for a 90-91!!!! Cost: $304 for clears and the hundred thousand bulbs i needed! $304
15 Dec 99 Okay... so why am i driving for like 4 miles before i realized i had a flat in my passenger rear tire?!?!?!? Yes, i almost died coming off exit 5 on 287. (a little dramatic) But basically, when i came flying through the light making a left turn, the back end just slid around. Of course, im only thanking the countless times ive pulled the e-brake for nothing, because it just came in handy! In any case, once i realized, about a mile from that, that it was a flat that was my issue, i drove for yet another mile, to a gas station, then to get it changed, however under warranty, patching and pluggings are free! So i lucked out. Always something...

9 Jan 00 Well, for the first event on my car for the new century, i have just made an exhaust for my car... or at least it sounds like i tried anyway. "What had happened was..." i saw this cutie in a dope Eclipse back up, almost into this driveway to turn her car around. SO... me and my overconfident ass tried to do the same on the following day, and i backed up just enough to hear the crunch of my muffler against the driveway. The standard 'Holy Shit' face was worn by me as i pulled forward, only to hear the deep strong 'exitation' of exhaust fumes coming from a crack somewhere in my pipes. SHIT!!! I mean... it sounds like an exhaust... but now i know just how quiet my car USED TO BE!!! At least i know now, that i DON'T want to put an exhaust on my car, cuz it doesnt sound too great at all when you dont have a manual tranny! In any case, more on this later when i get a new one.
3 Mar 00 Well, i finally got that isht fixed! The car rides SOOO much better now that i replaced the muffler. I did NOT go with an exhaust because one.. i dont like the sound unless one has a manny tranny, and two, im more interested in show than performance, and more interested in low end speed, rather than high end speed. Anywho... turns out [as always] that not only was the muffler totally detached from the B-Pipe... but i damaged the b-pipe as well, which also needed to be replaced as my car was waiting for its new stock muffler. SO, it ran me into the ground with the price, but now everyone in my house can remain sleep when i come home at 4am. Cost: $351.28 for tha muffler, b-pipe, and labor. Whoa! $351.28
7 Apr 00 Picked up yet another set of rims... the 17x7.5" Team Loco 144's with some Nitto NT 450 205/40/17 tires. Copped them from East Coast Auto Sports in Harrison, NJ. Took 3.5 hours waiting time to have them mounted and balanced... only for me to take them home and put them on at 9:30p! But ive got em. Cost: $1190. $1,190
8 Apr 00 Took the car back in the morning to get the Eibach Pro-Kit installed. It's about a 1.3" drop. This guy tells me to be there at 11a, and he opened up at 12p!!! Mind you store hours are 10a - 9p. But whateva.. this cat's got ok prices. So after another 5 hours... (coulda done it myself by that time) i got to roll away lovely. Surprisingly, although it isnt much of a drop, the springs seemed to settle rather quickly. That means in another few months, i'll be even lower! That could be dangerous with the roads i have to travel on, but whateva. I should already look into a camber kit. The car glides at 100mph, but slides all over the place! Oddly, it handles great! Cost: $219 for the springs, $120 installation. $339
Some mess happened here like my battery blew up, my brakes went the following day, i got two tickets on back to back days the following week, and umm... yeah, court came up on back to back days, and ummm... then:
24 Sept 00 Since the trans is going, i finally decided pick up an AEM CAI in anger. FYI, CAI stands for Cold Air Intake. It took about 4 hours to put it in, but the thing is great!!! The car is so much quicker now, and i love the growl. Cost: $209 for the Intake $Lots of sweat for the install. $209
12 Dec 00 Ahh.. got to come home to the sight of my upper Billet Grill! Finally! I've been waiting for some billets for quite a while. Anywho, now I've got to find some way to get the custom bottom grill made. Cost: $99 shipped to the door. $99
16 Dec 00 Tried to put the billet grill on, but alas, that chit does not fit right. I have to find some way to secure teh bottom of the grill, to the car. Hmm... wrong one? Possibly. Chit happens. Probably wont try again til after the new year.
21 Dec 00 Awwww CHIT!!!! The car cut off on me at about 6:45 am in the middle of a busy road! Luckily it was also in front of a gas station where we pushed the car in. (Thanx gas-station guy!) It wasnt the transmission though, so you know i was pissed. Anywho, while im sitting there in the car waiting for AAA to come pick me up, some guy backs into my driver side door!!! SO.. now I cant open my driver side door all the way, and my sidemarker casing was all ripped off. Looks like i am going to need a new fender and a paint job. Might as well just fix the other side too! More info to come.
22 Dec 00 Damn.. had to pay $50 to get the car towed to the shop cuz AAA are bitches and do not tow you home and to a shop! Just got a call from the mechanic. Looks like i was getting 'no spark' and it seems to cost $375 for replacement of whatever element distributes sparks, and an oil change. I think the oil change was about $300. Cost: $375 parts and labor + $50 towing $425

01 Feb 01 I put the billett grill in finally. I dont have good pics, but these ones will do for now. It took all of about 15 minutes to install, but the two lower supports are not secured at the moment as you will see in the two closeup pics. In the topdown pic, you can see that it's secured by only the top two screws. It feels sturdy and it's not going anywhere.
02 Feb 01 Today i find out that i need to have my car put in the shop to get my power steering hose replaced! They called honda for the hose and the chit costs $146!!! SO.. i decided to finally get a new dipstick, and have the valves adjusted as well. That entails $12.05 for the dipstick and who knows what for the gasket. $120 total for labor and i'll be all set. Sheesh.. it doesnt stop.
06 Feb 01 Man did it snow all day yesterday. So much so that on the way to work this morning, i took a corner too damn fast and almost hit a boat!!! Yes... a BOAT! It was kindly parked on the side of the street and my car was sliding toward it until i pulled the E-brake and brought the back end around enough to stop. (Yes i was praying that i wouldnt hit the boat.. i mean, how bad is THAT to hit a parked BOAT!!!) In any case, i made it to work in one piece, and that's that. Small flash animation to come soon....
09 Feb 01 It's an eventful month. I put the car in to get the valves adjusted, the power steering hose replaced, and the sight of the new dipstick. Thursday night i drop my car off, friday afternoon when i pick it up, there's a mysterious dent in my driver side door!! I can't believe this bullshevic! Looks like someone straight ran into the door and mashed the molding. Thank goodness for moldings. The door itself is dented as well, slightly. The mechanic says he saw the dent in the morning, but i didnt notice it at all on thursday. Whatever. As long as the car doesnt get macked up when i get out the shop. Anywho... besides that, the car is running quieter, but my steering seems slightly off. Cost: $146 for the hose, $3 for power steering fluid, $32 for the gasket cover and valve kit, $12 for the dipstick, $105 labor. Total Cost: $299 $299
10 Feb 01 I told you it was an eventful month.. and it's only the 10th!!! Today, im 30 minutes from home running to the bank early morning style... (Saturday) when suddenly, there's all this smoke coming from under the hood. So i acted like i didnt see it until i got to where i was going, and when i checked, something was leaking like there was no tomorrow. Come to find out, it was oil coming from the valve cover! The gasket had given way somehow, and the smoke was the oil burning all over the engine. Back to the mechanic. This guy had to deal with the hot ass engine to take the valve cover off and replace the gasket and voila... i was on my way within a half hour or so. It's gettin hectic out here folks. Ha!
14 Feb 01 Petty. Petty is the word of the moment. It's 2am and im on my way to tha spot to get some lunch. [yes i work nights] when this cop is following me for a little bit. So ok i pushed the 5 mile over the limit thing with him behind me, but he pulled me over after i put on hazards, and crossed the double lines in the street, so i could avoid this trench where they had dug up a pipe from under the street. Every day i come through that and have to move to the middle of the street to avoid major damage. That's what i told the cop... so he said he pulled me over for the license plate cover, which is clear.. 'that little move back there' as he called it, and then he goes to check my window for tint on the front?!?!?! What tha hell!?!?! Rookie ass fresh meat cop. After he checks the window sticker, he goes up front to check for blue lights i suppose. In any case, after some discussion, i didnt get a ticket and i am to 'take care of' whatever he said was wrong with the car. But after all that... this is the 8th time ive been pulled over while ive had the clears in, and this cop as well... didnt say a word about them!!! *Knock on wood* But im maad cuz actually had me roll up my window to check for tint, but didnt say anything about the lights. Tell me about the lights before you tell me about the license plate cover... a clear one anyway!!! But im happy to have been given the break and flee with no ticket. The whole situation was really just petty though.
15 Mar 01 Question of the day. How many Bridgewater cops does it take to pull me over ... waay into some parking lot? The answer is three. This counts as the official first time ive been pulled over for tints! To date, this is also the 9th time ive been pulled over since the clears went in. Again... no mention of the clear tails being illegal. This was, however, the first cop to actually explain the reasoning behind the no tint rule in nj ... although the nj statute states differently. Anywho, no ticket once again, but a warning and loss of my FOP card. Damn. It was a 2000 card anyway.
Also ... I ordered up the new rims, koni's, upper front strut bar, lower rear tie bar, headers, and the strobe kit w/6 bulbs. Can't wait to get this stuff in. Im just sorry i have to pay for it all in cash since they no longer use my credit card company. Damn. Also started making arrangements to get this car in the body shop for all the repairs it needs. The trans seems to be getting slightly worse, so if need be, that will be replaced sooner than i thought. Daah well... im at just about 126K miles.
20 Mar 01 So im out at work coming back from lunch at about 3am when i realized one of my tires was going flat. So when i got home in the morning i went to put air in all my tires to balance the pressures, and i found a nail in my back tire!!! The nail basically started on the bottom (tread) and pokes out a little when it gets to the sidewall. Unfortunately that's a tire that you cant repair so i had to cop a new one. Cost: ~$62. $62
24 Apr 01 Ahh... it feels SO good to have the Koni Yellow's installed along with the Neuspeed polished front strut bar, and the DC Sports polished lower rear tie bar. The headers are just sitting around waiting for a new transmission to be attached to, and i'll still need to pick up the new rims, and the six pack of strobes in about two weeks. So after five hours of waiting around and chillin in the hot sun, this stuff has finally been added. Man does the car seem to handle so much better. I found myself automatically flying around curves i wouldnt normally.... i just didnt realize it would make THAT much of a difference! Anywho... good chit. Now if my trans can only last long enough for me to find another one! Then it's into the body shop right after that to get rid of those nasty dents and dings. Today's Cost: $529 for Koni's, $79 for the Neuspeed polished front strut bar, $90 for the DC Sports ploished rear lower tie bar, $299 for the DC Sports 4-2-1 headers, $120 for installation. $1,117
2 Jun 01 The car was left with this guy at Honda to check out why my transmission seems to have gotten worse. Turns out, he bored out the holes for the spark plugs and now the car doesnt idle high or anything. It starts right up and runs almost right. It does still appear to slip a bit at 1500 rpms. But whateva. I picked up the rims before memorial day weekend so i think im gonna put em on.
5 Jun 01 Decided to put the rims on although the car still doesnt have a shop date to be fixed and painted. Whateva.. i'll just take the rims off when it goes in the shop. I dont know if i can cop those factory fogs cuz i was told they were discontinued recently. Goes to show if you can get your hands on something for an 11 yr old car, you might as well pick it up when you can! I waited too long. Damn. Anywho... the Tenzo Gunmetal Shu-4'z in the 17" size are helping the ride out considerably with the help of that strut bar, lower tie bar and strut change. The rims are looking quite hot with their polished lip and centercap, surrounded and engulfed in a light gunmetal substance. Chit looks HOT!!!! Cost: $1190 for rims and Toyo 215/45/17 tires. $1,190
19 Jun 01 Okay.. i bought strobes from one spot and had them put them in at the Audio Clinic in Harrison, NJ. All that was installed... 12 strobes [3 4-packs], LED washers [blue], police siren, alarm LED's in parking lights, and all kinds of crazy wiring and switches. Six strobes are in the front, six in the rear. The police siren comes with 3 sounds, and was taken apart to put switches underneath the radio with 4 switches for the strobes. Switch one turns on the rear strobes, and the second switch changes the pattern. The same goes for the front strobes. There is also a master switch to cut all power to any of this 'off road only' stuff. The strobes and siren were also wired to the alarm since the siren on the alarm was fried. This is VERY effective. The LED washers, or 'pissers' were installed to only blink with the bumper and sidemarker lights. The SuperBright LED's were placed in the parking lights and are switched on when the ignition is switched off. There are truly too damn bright... bright enough to have a switch also installed for those times when you DONT want everyone attracted to your car.. i.e. at movie theatre, etc. I describe these lights as 'steal me bright'. In the end.. the costs broken down were $25 for LED washers, $450 + $300 install for 2 4-pk strobes, $350 installed for 1 4-pk strobes [bought from Clinic], $40 installed for the SuperBright LED's, $275 installed for the siren, $No charge on install of LED washers, $Crazy tax!!! Total Cost: ~$1,478.20 !!!!! $1,478.20
16 Jul 01 Got hit in the parking lot. Someone in a Silver 2001 Passat was an ass enough to back out, scratch hella paint off the driver side of my rear bumper, and leave no note or anything about it. So i come out and see my car, then run across the street to where the car was parked (At the job) and saw there was still quite a bit of my paint on the bumper. I just copied down the plates, thought about leaving a thank you note on their car, and went about my way. Asshole! But im not pressed on this one cuz the car's soon hitting the shop so it's not that deep. Another day another problem.
26 Jul 01 So i happen to be in Strauss Auto Parts with my boy and i see the friggin cheap $30 blue headlight and high beam bulbs ive wanted to get for the season. So i go to put in the high beams first, and when removing the coolant reservoir, i found it was damn near empty, and most of the coolant was all over tha damn engine. That turns out to be that i need a new radiator. Tha's not too bad at about $150 for an aftermarket one. That's on next week's agenda. Hmm.. will i do it myself? Who knows. So anywayz, i go to put the high beams in, and the driver side one will NOT go in for any reason. So after playing with it for a half hour and giving up, i put the other three bulbs in in like 5 minutes! Then i come back to this one, and it snaps right into place! So i go to do the final test cuz ive finally got all four bulbs changed... and the damn light ive been struggling with apparently blew out!!! So now ive got to get the bulb back to the store to complain. I dont think after three days they're gonna buy it. But whateva.... Cost: $30 for 9006 and $30 for 9005 bulbs. Total Cost: $63 $63
27 Jul 01 I finally had the headers put in. The heat shield from the cat was removed since it was clanging and banging. The headers make a small difference since the EX already had a form of headers in it to begin with. It was actually 4-2-1 style. Anyway, although small, it is a noticeable difference, which is basically when accelerating, it does it a bit smoother and a tad quicker. I could have taken the stock ones off and cleaned them and probably got the same effect. Who knows. Still no word from the body shop.. i hesitated to call them since i still need to get other work done. Oh.. last news.. i temporarily misplaced the key to the lugs on my rims... so now im definitely not in a rush to get it in the body shop til i find that or get another one. Total Cost: $299 for DC Sports 4-2-1 Headers, $50 for install. $50
07 Aug 01 The radiator went a few weeks ago so I picked up another one today. It's a Modine. Now just need to get it in there. Driving with your radiator out of commission in 90+ degree weather is no joke at all. Definitely not with the heat at full blast!!!! Anyway, hit up Thul's Auto to cop the radiator. Total Cost: $167.43 for the aftermarket Modine Radiator $167.43
09 Aug 01 Ok... i got the call in between today and two days ago to get my car looked at by the body shop next week wednesday, so that's good. I still don't know where the key is for the rims though. Damn... they have to come off, because... *Drum roll* my CV joints are pretty much shot! Yes yes.. ive been putting the radiator in all week, which means ive done nothing cuz it's been too humid out. So listening closely while riding, i hear the click click clicking that i pretended not to hear for the past week. I could only hear it cuz i have no radiator, so that means no A/C! Anywho.. had to hit up Kar Parts for the CV Joints. Cost: $58.95/left, $58.95/right, $150 core charge (get it back after returning old parts) Total Cost: $283.97 for both CV joints w/core, $133.97 after returning old parts. $133.97
11 Aug 01 Found the key to my rims!!! Woo hoo!!! Now i can feel confident in bringing my car in to get the CVs and radiator done!!! Yesh!
15 Aug 01 Took my car up to the body shop in the hot smeltering heat. It overheated more than it has ever. The guage was touching on the orange square above the 'H'!!!! So i get there to have the car 'looked at' which was how it was explained to me... and turns out, they wanted to keep my car for the body work!!! Wow.. no one told me they wanted to put my car in the shop on that day! So they're like.. you got a ride home? Im thinking why would i need a ride home. To make the long story short, i'll be back next tuesday to leave it for a while. Gee whiz. Then im supposed to get back home so this guy can replace my radiator and CV joints, i overheat my way home just to find out he can't do it. Summama bia biaaaaatch!!!! So i put the alloys back on the front. We'll try the radiator and cv's again tomorrow.
17 Aug 01 Yesterday didn't work out for getting the mechanical work done, so i did it today and for $75 i had the radiator and cv joints put in. It feels so much better now to be able to ride without blasting the heat with 360 air. [All the windows down] Too bad i can't turn my A/C on properly now, though... through the course of the past two weeks, i ended up breaking the knob that chooses heat/cold, and it's stuck on heat! Oh well. Can't win them all... at least the work's done. Total Cost: $75 labor. $75
21 Aug 01 Dropped the car off at Brookwood Auto Body in Newark. This guy will need my car for 10 days to do the work. That means I will have to count on being without my baby gurlie for at LEAST 3 weeks. This is gonna be a tough one, but im gonna deal with it. The estimate should come within a few days. There's quite a few things to happen, but nothing is going to be concrete until the car is rolling out of the shop. Who knows, it might roll out the same color as the rims! We'll see.
22 Aug 01 So i'm MIA for a few days to be depressed about missing my tru lady. While chillin i decide to check out the website for to see if they have any fog lights. The random thought just popped into my head, so I gave a call to their office in Connecticuit and what do ya know... they had ONE set left in stock!!!! The list on the lights is anywhere between $220 and $230. These guys are getting these lights to me at the amazing price of $160 or so. Not bad for a dealer part! We'll get that exact price when they come in. Finally... this is all coming together. Just have to get the fogs here and then to tha shop in time for installation.
23 Aug 01 Boy it's been a day of running around. The fogs came with one day of delivery. With shipping, etc. the total cost was about $173 vs the $220-230 range they orignally were. NICE!!! Took the fogs up to the body shop and picked up some new H3 superwhites for them... cant wait to see them in the car!!!! The bulbs ran a good $60 even for the RAZO's. Cant be bothered with the cheap stuff blowing out quickly. Well the purpose of going up there besides to drop off the fogs, was today, the costs ran: ~$173 for the factory fogs, $60 for RAZO H3's Total Cost: ~$233 $233
25 Aug 01 Been doing quite a bit of random searching on the web at work and to my surprise, well two more nice changes will go into effect on the car. Number one, i visited and managed to find clear Lex IS lights which means those huge lights on the trunk of my car can be totally removed. Secondly, a friend of mine put me on to a group buy for Electro Luminescent Mirror Covers which were found at These joints are truly hot so check them out. They slide over the existing mirror so you dont lose your power to the windows, nor the abilitiy to fold them in! Nice. Gotta get these things ordered tomorrow (Lunes) so i can get them to tha shop in due time.
19 Sept 01 Visited the shop today and got some pics of the action... check them out here.
24 Sept 01 Ok.. update after a while. The car is STILL not out the shop. Gave a call and they told me it should be in primer by end of the day this coming wednesday and then it can go to the other shop, get some otha chit done, and they can take it back for 3-5 days of paint dept work. So it looks like by the second week in October.. i can finally have a car. Nice if it all works out. My old rims are still for sale. Havent been pushing them really. And i'm still searching for another car. There was a nice 95 Accord EX with 52K miles on it the dealer was gonna sell me for 5Gz... buuuut it turned out to have been stolen and they gave it back. Go figure. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Anywho, i've updated some chit up there with pics and links, and the mods section is in the process of getting an overhaul. The page is beginning to get work done to it now that im working overnight again. Yippee!!! Tomorrow should bring more shop photos of the progress as i personally get up there to take a look. Sit tight...
27 Sept 01 More new shop pics. Check them out here.
10 Oct 01 So i get off work and take care of some business.. whoops, i get a nice $20 parking ticket courtesy of Rutgers because apparently, faculty/staff (such as myself) cannot park in this one particular parking deck. I mean ... what the f*ck!!!! In any case, went to the Audio Clinic today .. got more pics. Check em out here. Basically, a few little things are still gonna need to be done, but the car is supposed to be ready tomorrow morning, to be towed back to the body shop. Let's cross our fingers. The alarm is working well, and the system sounds pretty good. One more door needed to be completed in terms of popping open, and the IS lights on the trunk just needed to be wired. Looks like the strobes will remain there. Keep those fingers crossed.
12 Oct 01 Someone didnt have their fingers crossed!!!! Ok .. so the system is installed, doors pop open ok, remote start works, windows roll up and down relatively fine by remote, tails are wired up nicely, with the strobes remaining there, and a red top Optima battery has replaced that rinky dink BS add water battery i have. After spending the third half day in a row up in the Audio Clinic, the car was finally finished to a point well enough for it to return to the body shop for it's paint job. Bust how the body shop did NOT send a flatbed for my car!!! Makes me wonder how it got over to the Audio Clinic in the first place. But whateva.. dropped about $2Gz as a deposit here. Gotta come back to get the LED's rewired to the parking lights, springs added to the rear doors to help them pop open further, LED washers rewired to the hood and then it's homeward bound for the rebirth. We're looking at a release date right now of 19-Oct. This is an optimists approach. From a realist point of view .. .we're looking at the following week.. possibly one more after that! Oh well.
19 Oct 01 More pics... the shop didnt do much in the past week so all you'll see here is the car unpainted, but under the hood was done, the hood itself was done as well. The car had to go back in line to get painted. The time will soon come. Click here for pics.
30 Oct 01 Ok ive been slacking on the updates, cuz ive been frustrated of late, but these pics are of what is close to the finished product. You can pretty clearly see the new color of the car and it looks hella good if i may say so myself. More details will follow once it comes home and gets all it's pics taken.
31 Oct 01 It's finally here!!!! The day we've all been waiting for!!! The car came home although it was dark out... and looks great!!! Almost locked myself out already a few times. Good thing the windows roll down by remote. I took off the total cost of the car in a previous entry here because so much changed, so all i have is a full price of the body work and not a breakdown. Will update it here later though. Already blew a fuse once the system was put back in. I didnt even get a half block from the house. :( So tomorrow the car goes back to the Audio Clinic to get the springs put in the back doors, all the blinkers in sync, alarm tweaked to lock/unlock and umm.. it has to revisit the body shop to receive the front license plate bracket, and it turns out the molding atop the windshield isnt fully attached so they need to fix that, and also replace the molding atop the driver door. We'll see what happens! Total Body Shop Cost: ~$5600 out of pocket. $5,600
01 Nov 01 Spent maad time in the Audio Clinic. The whole day! Blew the fuse for the system before leaving the house the night before, so a breaker switch was put in, along with another amp and cap due to speakers now residing in the back doors. Two 5-1/4" components push out a lil more decent tunage in the beats field. All sounds pretty good. The mirrors on the other hand, must be a piece of chit! First of all i got the wrong color blinkers for the second time, and the capacitator in one light turned out to be bad, which is yet another part i would have to get from the place i ordered the lights from. TOTAL CRAP. That's why i like to buy my chit in local shops. Now ive got to mail chit back and forth til things are all right. But whateva.... I think im just gonna chuck the mirrors and take the loss of $80. No estimated cost at this time. $80
08 Nov 01 Spent yet another Thursday in the shop. The amp to the subs kept tripping out. The trip was supposed to be to get fans for the amps and get my sails with the front tweeters in them put back. No such luck. It really took all damn day to find out that on the install, a screw was running through one speaker wire, and the ground was also no good, which was why the amp kept cutting off. So the wires were replaced, and still there are no fans or sails. That would be next week's adventure.
15 Nov 01 It's almost 8am and time to get off work. Spend another thursday up there? Naah .. i dont think so. Not this week. Must.. sleep. Other fleeting thoughts now include having assembled some S4 headlights into the stock ones ... copping the M3 mirrors w/signals and having them strobed out. That will come in due time. Also the strobes need to be reconnected so they flash with the alarm, and possibly the neons under the front dash will go in, complemented by dancing neons in the back armrest cavity. We'll see!
16 Nov 01 Went out to get into the car... alarm disarmed nicely, remote start initiated fully, both about 10 min before coming out to get into the car. The button gets pushed to pop open the driver door.... *Click* ... *Click* The door did NOT open. I believe this could be because i didnt buy the accuator that i was told i needed for the door. Hopefully i can get this thing in cuz it's no fun trying to look cool and cant get into the car without rolling down all the windows or going in the passenger side. *sigh* it never ends. The brakes are shot too. That and an oil change coming soon.
20 Nov 01 Made it to the shop. The door stopped popping due to a loose connection. That's fixed. The accuator i picked up was not needed so i returned that to Honda. I forgot to ask Honda for a power mirror switch though. Hopefully i can get the hookup from someone else. The strobes too are now hooked back up to the alarm and flashing lovely. Lastly, the box was stuck underneath the changer in the trunk, so the box has now been secured with brackets.
22 Nov 01 Happy Thanksgiving to my driver headlight that fuggin blew out. Time for HID's. Time to get offical. No more of this onsey twosey headlight buying every year.
23 Nov 01 Woke up and got the oil change and brakes done today. No problems. Next change is at 138K miles. Also made arrangements to get the HID's finally installed. Let's see how that goes next tuesday. Labor: $40. Brakes: ~$26 Oil Filter: $5 Mobil One Synthetic [case] ~ $23 $94
27 Nov 01 Ahh ... the HID's are looking lovely! They're official and they're installed. Two days ago, the Star Ledger printed a story of how 60% of the Acura TL's in the area were stolen simply for their HID's!!!! This came after the Wayne Acura dealer had 52 brand spanking new TL's broken into... ON THE LOT!!!! Nuff said. Also had a Stinger terminal added to the pos of the Optima Battery. Called the body shop and i'll be strolling in in the morning to get the front license plate bracket and my window and windshield moldings replaced. Cost: HID's $550, Stinger terminal $30 Tax $34.80 Total Cost: $614.80 $614.80
29 Nov 01 Made the way up to the body shop. First thing i come in, this guy's like, hey we had your bracket on monday but we can't find it. When it finally comes time to replace the molding. .. the thing coming from whereva turend out to be bent all tha hell up!!! SO ... it was basically a wasted trip up in Pkwy traffic. We'll see what happens next week.
10 Dec 01 Well my boy just got his 98 Accord Sedan and i find out today he crashed it on a pole somewhat. *Sigh* Also, my door actually wouldnt close on me in the morning. I started the car, popped the door fine, but when i pulled it closed it bounced back open!!!! The latch apparently got stuck. Oh well.... time for a winter car.
11 Dec 01 One grave day ... i come into work only to find out that a friend was smacked head on by a stolen car in newark. No official word on whether or not her 2K Accord Coupe is totaled or not ... but i hope it is so she can benefit for her troubles. It appears that it should be totaled... but who knows. *Sigh*
12 Dec 01 The box was still shifting forward in the trunk, wedging underneath the changer. SO ... these guys moved the changer and secured the box a bit better. Thanx Audio Clinic!... hahaha.
14 Dec 01 A SUPER grave day in the import world. This time around... my boy's 2K Civic Si was stolen right from his house!!! If anyone knows anything about a blue Si lowered with stock rims, tints, intake, exhaust, aluminum wing, altezzas, and blue sidemarkers on the side of the bumpers front and back ... give a holla. This chit makes NO sense. It appears u can have NOTHING in this world without someone wanting it bad enough NOT to work for them damn selves to get it on their own. Where's the love? *Super Sigh*
31 Dec 01 Pretty good way to end the new year... the driver window got stuck halfway down on the way to work. So after fudging with it in 30 degree weather for about a half hour... ended up parking it and grabbing another ride to work. It's midday now so hopefully i can get to this guy at Honda to take a quick look at it. Happy F#@%$ New Year! ... and here it is 2:30pm and i just got a call back from this guy. Honda is closing at 3pm. So to reiterate.... Happy F#@%$ New Year!

02 Jan 02 Happy F#@%$ Birthday to Me! Took the rims off and reverted to stock before the suspected snowfall. Just before that noticed a puddle of something under the car... possibly trans fluid. I chose not to investigate. Dont wanna know. Ran to the Honda dealer to have this guy take a look at the window. Sux... the motor is shot.. the switches still work. SO ... gotta get a motor tomorrow. On the way there, the wheels appear to be misaligned. SO ... gotta switch em up/check the tire pressures. I hope at least that comes out ok. Damn.. i dont even wanna wake up tomorrow. We'll see.
04 Jan 02 Well finally the window is fixed. Adjusted the air in all the tires and the car is rolling smoother, but it still appears to be a bit jerky. Whateva. The window rolls down faster than i can spit out of it so all is well. Hahaha... anywho... Cost: $275 for window motor, $50 for the install. Total Cost: ~$325. $325
06 Jan 02 Ahh the first bit of snowfall in central JerZ ... good thing it turned into hard cold rain pretty quickly else we'd have plenty of inches. First person to slide up into FE is gonna catch a royal beatdown, courtesy of The Club.
07 Jan 02 Damn driver door wont open again. Sounds like the same problem.
10 Jan 02 Went flying down some 25mph road at about 60mph and almost found out the hard way that my brakes werent working correctly. So after my heart stopped beating so fast, took it in to the mechanic for skid testing and it showed that my passenger side brakes were not catching. Apparently the caliper was failing to grab yadda yadda. So ordered up new calipers for the front. Gonna deal with the door tomorrow too.
11 Jan 02 Visited the mechanic for the caliper replacement. That ran $259. After that headed up to the audio clinic to get the door fixed AGAIN and it appeared to work fine. Hours later ... it fuggin happened again!!! If youre thinking about shaving your door handles.. FORGET IT!!! It's not worth the aggravation. In any case, gotta go back AGAIN tomorrow for the third time.. for the same problem.... the tolls are adding up. Cost Today: $92 per caliper, $75 Labor... Total Cost: $259. $259
12 Jan 02 So woke up and went BACK to the Audio Clinic to get the door fixed once again. Turns out the rod that unlatches the door isnt strong enough to perform properly. SO ... it was quick-fixed to last a few more pops, and the whole mechanism will be replaced later on in the week. Geez.. hopefully now all that is to be worried about is freezing. We'll see.
18 Jan 02 Made it up to the Audio Clinic. The latch mechanism was re-done so it grabbed the latch at a different point, in a different manner. So the door should work for good now. Let's just see how the passenger door holds up. Also stopped by the body shop, and got the driver upper molding replaced... finally. Also had the license plate bracket attached up front. Plate looks fine now in front and I dont have to worry about cops making quick u-turns anymore... 'less it's for the tint. Now just have to get the transmission fluid leak looked at. That should happen next week some time.
19 Jan 02 First real snowfall .. we got about 3 inches. The fisticuffs are ready for anyone who slides into me.
25 Jan 02 Finally got the car into tha dealer to take a look at the trans fluid leak. It appears a hose was lose from beneath the radiator. That was tightened up as well as the bolts from the trans pan. When the bolts were tightened, it appeared the engine was moving too much. Turns out a new motor mount is gonna be needed as well. Just doesnt end...
08 Feb 02 Went to the shop to get the sails put in with the tweeters. I sat there from 10am til 2pm waiting for this guy to come in and hook it up but he didnt show by that time. Oh well.... let's try this again anotha time. Hmph!
21 Feb 02 Again with the gas! Why can't gas station attendants pay attention to gas spewing out the tank while theyre pumping in that last extra 25 cents??? When i say stop i mean stop!!!! I just give up .. im not going to that station anymore. Fuggit ...
26 Feb 02 Disappointment. Ordered the one piece projector from EastCoast up in Harrison a few weeks ago. Lights came in and the Audio Clinic took em so they could put them in. This was a tedious task since there was pretty much no place to put the strobes in. Found some spots but the bumper even needed to be cut a bit for two of the strobes to work out nicely. On top of that, no more HID's!!!! The new headlights were made for H3 bulbs, and im told that HID's arent effective at all through projector lenses. How disappointed am i?!?!? Gotta sell the HID's now. During my 12 hour day of chillin in the shop, we go out for about an hour looking for super white H3's .... no one has good ones in stock!!!! So ok.. at least the lights came with regular H3s... and those are in there. Problem is (besides the orange reflector in the light) there is a city light in there that comes on with park lights which is blue. So across the front of the car there's the dirty brown headlights, and these two blue inner parking lights. Eww... After the lights are in, there were various problems... one, the lights dont fit perfectly. That's what u get with aftermarket chit. This caused a problem with fitment of the bumper and the hood needs to be forced down in order to latch. While also in the shop i was due for my sails to be put up front with the tweeters in em. That turned out as failure as well due to the speaker being placed too low in the sail. Now i have to go to Honda and order new ones so they can try it again! Leaving the shop, one of the windshield washer LED's was disconnected. This gets fixed next time around. *SIGH* .... Disappointment. And THEN .. on the way home the brakes felt like only one is catching again. Cost: Lights $360 Install $120 Total Cost: $508 with tax ... $508
27 Feb 02 So i wanted to know yesterday how much worse things could get ... and i walk out of work at 8am (After working the previous night and being awake all day in the shop and returning to work for another overnight) and find a nice juicy flat tire. It's snowing too! Fuggit .. no changing the tire for me. Called AAA and theyre on the way within a day or two or something. Good thing this happened cuz i was able to update this webpage due to it. This is becoming another horrible week.... and it's only wednesday morning.
12 Mar 02 I dont know. It's been time for an oil change at 140k ... some otha chit went on .. but i dont feel like it now. p~
16 Mar 02 Big plans for next week to get every friggin thing fixed on the car. It's RU spring break and im stuck home so might as well hang out with FEE. Anywho, car goes to the Audio Clinic on Wed since 4 strobes went out last week.. my headlights need to be shaved in the back of em and on the way home, one headlight went out and the high beams are on ... but dim as hell. I dont get it... so now i got 5 lights on, just above my front bumper, and. . it just looks horrendous-sp. On the mechanical side, gotta get that engine mount done, an oil change, and my brakes checked out in the least. Really leaning toward doing a swap to eliminate the worries. That chit proliee wouldnt go right either. Fuggit.
17 Mar 02 Jiggled some wires last night so the strobes work. Yay.
20 Mar 02 Car goes to Audio Clinic ... sails and engine mount ordered from Honda.
22 Mar 02 Frustration. Car was in the shop Wed and Thu... turns out for the headlights there was a bad ground in the crappy aftermarket wiring.... and lots of condensation in the crappy aftermarket lights period. PIECES OF SH!T!!!!! One light was sealed up and the other still has massive condensation in it. On the way out the shop, checking the lights, the high beams seem to have the same problem. Gotta get that chit fixed too. Picked up the sails from Honda, but the battery light came on. Apparently the alternator has crapped out due to the cap for the system not being checked... SOO ... something is fried. Good thing i already took off tomorrow so i could put the car in the shop at Honda for the engine mount and brakes. Now i can pay to get the alternator done too! Yay! Besides all that i had some other protective goodies put in. Total Cost: $125 $125
23 Mar 02 Rebirth. Car went in to Honda. Turns out the alternator was burned out like crazy!!! Picked up a rebuilt Honda one from Honda. Yes... i paid the outrageous price. Makes me feel better. Keeping the old alternator so it can be rebuilt to put out 20amps instead... just in case this one gets fried up as well. The front engine mount was also replaced, but there is still lots of vibration. The rear mount will be checked next week. If it doesn't look good, i will just replace the remaining two. The brakes were cleaned and adjusted. The e-brake is set in 3 clicks now. After that it was off to the Audio Clinic once again to leave the sails and have the cap checked. Turns out the never fell below 13 amps so it was working just fine. The sails were left for this guy to work on. Cost: $293.33 for alternator, $83.81 for front engine mount $100 installation Total Cost: $499.77 after tax. $499.77
09 Apr 02 Finally got the oil change at about 141.6K miles. Gonna need rear and side engine mounts replaced. Warmer now so no more paying for oil changes... ok maybe once more. For the oil change... $23 for Mobil1 sythetic, $6 Honda oil filter $10 labor. Total Cost: $39 $39
24 Apr 02 Ordered up a few things from Manchester Honda. That includes the three remaining engine mounts (two sides and vacuum powered rear), 10 Oil filters and washers, stock plugs and wires, PCV Valve, upper hose, fuel filter, distributor cap, rotor and i think im missing something here. Total Cost: ~$429 shipped.
Also picked up a BMW siren for the alarm, from a friend. Thanx for tha hookup! Just gotta switch it out.. the siren's rather large.
26 Apr 02 Stuff came in from Manchester Honda. Now just have to make arrangments to get the mounts in. While im at it will have the mechanic put all tha rest of the chit in. $429.84
01 May 02 Lots of crazy stuff happened today. First of all on the way home at 8:30am i get rear ended by a pickup! Im trying to pass him on the right at an intersection and he wouldnt let me back in front so i worked my way in front and at the next light when braking stepped on it a bit hard and BOOM! So we pull over and he lets me know that that's what i get for 'driving like a fuccin idiot' and i kindly let him know the bottom line is that *HE* hit *ME* and is at fault no matter what. A quick inspection found no problems so i let him go. Later on i looked closer and found that the paint atop the bumper had cracked due to the flex on impact, and the driver side of the bumper has a crack as well. The molding is scraped a good third of the way across the bumper as well. Lesson of the day, keep your car clean so you can see these types of scrapes n chit in low light.
Later on headed up to EastCoast MotorSports in Harrison and ordered sway bars. On the way up, im on the two way radioing a friend doing 55 in a 65 on Rt78 and some lady apparently in a rush flies up behind me in a silver Altima. So i look up and see her right blinker on (just barely cuz she's THAT close) and next thing u know i hear the tires screeching right at my passenger side back door, and when i look up i the rear view i see the driver side of her car swing out to face me, and her engine as she smashed into a line of cars waiting to turn off the highway in traffic. Guess she learned her lesson. If youre gonna have road rage, pay attention to the other lanes! My boy passed by bout 5 min later and said the Lincoln she smashed into was waay up on the shoulder somewhere... kinda far from the impact point.
Lastly, i got that BMW siren put in. Sounds ok, although it wasnt the one i really wanted. It will do for now though as it's pretty different.
03 May 02 Picked up the Suspension Techniques Sway Bars today from EastCoast. Ran me $279 for the front and back with poly bushings. I went in to the dealer to have this guy do the work on my car after hours, but it turned out he couldnt do it. Had a tranny to drop in another car. So gonna get it done next day. Cost: $279 for Sway Bars $279
04 May 02 Finally the car gets to this guy at the dealer and he's doing his thang. Had the fuel filter, plugs, wires, distributor, rotor, PCV Valve and remaining three motor mounts changed. The car runs so much smoother now. The fuel filter appeared to have never been changed and the sway bars didnt go on due to the work involved with the bushings. Either he can do it another day or i'll have to take it elsewhere. He was worried about the bar being too low and dragging. Gonna have to check with a friend to see if he has any problems. Also was informed that where my plug sits, oil is leaking slowly into there. Just a hint of work that will need to be done... proliee by summer's end. For now, all is well and the shu's are going back on asap. Too bad i work long hours all weekend. Tuesday is the day tho ... and wash it up just after that. Mechanic charged me $250 for the work. $250
07 May 02 Found out the sway bars wont drag at all... but they should squeak like hell. Always has to be something. The car is just so quiet and smooth ... i dont know. Already bought the sway bars though so might as well just put em in! On the flipside, the Shu's went back on tonight. Theyre riding quite nice.
26 May 02 Bagged a squirrel on the way to work this morning. RIP Squirrely! Shoulda kept his azz out the street.. i tried to avoid him.. i really did. Ah well. Not much been going on.. got tha wash and wax the other day for $40... gotta start doin that chit myself! Waiting on trying to get a 92 LX Coupe. Got one more week to handle my inspection. It's hard when you've got tint and no door handles. Dayum. ($40 for wash/wax) $40
30 May 02 Bunch of stuff happened since the loss of the squirrel. In a nutshell, after running around being told that i cant get inspection for not having handles, i finally found a place, and put out $65 to get it done. While waiting had anotha wash and wax done for $40. Bottom line, i have a legal sticker and wont have to worry about this for another 2 years. On the flipside i will be picking up the hooptie some time next week. $105
05 Jun 02 AT one point there was gonna be a new 92 LX Coupe as a hooptie. But last week i walked in and there was a nice 91 5spd waiting for me. An EX too!!! SO... i ended up with just that. Point blank. For more info, click on Tha Hoop!
14 Jun 02 Finally got my remote start tweaked so the lights stay on when it's started. Tha's good money. The windows now work the way theyre supposed to as well. In the process of getting the right program for the windows to work, the door started smoking. Words to remember..."Egg... my door's burning." Apparently the solenoid in my door was steady unlatching, and who knows what started burning!!! Bottom line.. disconnected everything and all is well.
26 Jun 02 If it's not one thing it's another. Not only did the windows stop going up with the alarm... but i just get back to my car after a long day driving tha hoop... and the front tire is flat! Baah .... gonna have to change that and cop a new tire soon. That's running about $145 or so. DAMN!
23 Jul 02 Well since i last updated... i plugged my tire, put it on the back and it went flat, but not all the way. Filled it up, and then it was fine again. I was opting to get two new tires, cuz the other front tire had a screw stuck in it. On top of this... i took closer inspection to why my brakes were squeaking already, and i discovered 3 cracks in my rotor! I guess it was about time to replace them anyway.... but braking altogether isnt as solid as it once was. So with all this on the dome... finally I macked my chit up. Im coming off the first exit of Rt.18S which is George St. in New Brunswick... and I hit the puddle I *NEVER* hit coming through there. It had rained, but not enough to get the slick chit off the roads. As a result, the car was fishtailing wildly left and right and right when I thought I was bringing it back around and had it under control... the wheels caught traction while facing totally sidways and i hit a curb that's as high as halfway between the ground and my knee!!! As a result, well you'll see the pics. They're all stamped with the wrong date cuz im an idiot and don't know what day or month it is. The fuggin tow definitely costed me a hundred fuggin fifty bux!!! The pics show minor damage. There was almost no body damage whatsoever, with the exception of the front bumper which was scratched from sliding on the curb and being towed... and from hitting the sign that stopped me from riding the curb. From the pics you can see how far back the front wheels sit, as a result of hitting the curb before jumping it. This alone leads to the belief that the axles are shot as well as anything else that works with em. The exhaust pipe looks clean still, but no telling if the trans was affected. That curb was tall. No damage to me. I'm all good. The lapbelt kept me from bouncing out of the seat. Dunno what now. Will most likely take the wheels off and lift it next week to take in the full underbody damage. The passenger side underneath was dragging along until i hit a sign that stopped me. Wasnt far, but it sounded/felt horrible. Just gonna wait til we see the full damage before any decisions are made. $150
25 Jul 02 Well... time to upgrade tha hoop due to the current mishap with FEE. Already began taking some useful parts to keep them from being wasted. Today i swiped the billet grille, moonroof visor and wiper blades from FEE. Tomorrow.. who knows what it will be! Hehehehe. Guess next is the floor mat since i dont have one in tha hoop, then possibly the clear tails might migrate over to tha hoop for a week or so. Who knows... That's all for now... all at NO COST!!! One issue though... is that the stock grill would not line up correctly with things on FEE. The original stock grill taken off was a perfect fit on tha hoop. This might just mean the frame HAS been bent. But more on that when i find out for sure.
26 Jul 02 Can u FUGGIN believe it?!?!?! Tha hoop got hit today!!! Ok so the car is parked on the street near a driveway, but with a good 3-4 ft of space in front so anyone backing out or pulling in could have room. Unfortunately for one lady it wasnt enough room. So im away from, but in front of the car talking to someone else in a car when tha hoop's alarm goes off. Im like who tha hell set my chit off. I turn around and see a 91 Lincoln Continental sittin in my front bumper. THEN... while my arms are up in the air with the disgruntled look on... she CONTINUES to back FURTHER into the car!!! So now im yelling, and we go inspect. She didnt see my car because she had huge boxes on the passenger front/back seats of her car. When i asked why she KEPT going after she hit something, she replied.. 'I thought it was the pole'. WTF!?!?!?! So after all my hooping and hollaring we're gonna try to settle this like grown folks and i'll get some bumper estimates next week. My front plate is all crunched up so she will be paying for the replacement of that, the holder, and the bumper. Hopefully i can get the whole thing painted white.. molding and all out of the deal. The bumper is only scuffed, the molding sliced, and some paint removed across the bumper. The driver side bumper signal was also scratched... u know.. one of the set i JUST fuggin bought, sealed up and put in. WHAT a fuggin week.

Also .. sold the tires off the old spoke rims. Now the rims are available.. 6 of them with no tires... for $550. Pics one day.. Keep tabs on the For Sale page.
09 Aug 02 Just to update people on it... the car is still sitting without anything having been done so far. School's holding things down lovely! Haven't had time to actively do things, but have been making preparations to have things fixed if need be. At this point, FEE WILL have a place to sleep as she gets fixed... IF she's fixable. School's over next week, so the following week should bear hopefully some good news.
14 Aug 02 Well it's not the following week yet, so this one is bringing me the bad news. I just called the mechanic at Honda to be sure my friends car got in there so my car can get in there already. He tells me... 'Im not here next week!' Apparently he thought he explained to me he was on vacation already. Now he knows thoroughly that I had no clue. What does this all mean? It means tomorrow i pick this guy up so he can get a preliminary look at the car outside of the shop. THEN.. ive got to wait a WHOLE FUGGIN NOTHER WEEK for this guy to put it on the frame machine so i can be sure the body of the car is still intact. When it rains... it hurricanes for me.. fug just simple pouring. Im thoroughly pissed at this point. At least school's over today.

Also the Shu-4's are going up for sale... asking $300. The tire on the bent rim is still full of air. Then there's one flat on the driver side front. The back two seem ok, but the passenger side has a scratch in it. Pics coming soon.
15 Aug 02 Well pics are up from taking off the wheels. Found out some interesting things when the mech. came over to take a look from the topside. 'Looks like just about everything under the hood shifted.' he says. Whatever. I originally wanted $300 for the wheels but taking them off showed different problems so im down to $150 for the wheels. Take em please!!! Anyway the car actually started up, the alternator belt finally tore all the way .. at least two teeth of it tore away and i was able to reverse the car to change the wheels... start it up, and drive it back into place. Click the date for pics.
03 Sep 02 Well .. my boy's Accord is still in the shop holding my spot. Two cylinders arent working on his engine. Im never gonna get my chit in there.
15 Oct 02 A lot of things have changed over the past few weeks. Biggest being a complete car swap between FEE and Tha Hoop. FEE never made it into the shop to get looked at or anything. You will also now see a link below for Tha Three which is finally a done deal. Somewhere in the US... someone will trade me FEE's trunklid, for a whole nother accord, minus the engine and trans. This would help to fix the front end on FEE to make her ready for sale. Ideally, what has begun to happen so far, is the demantling of the interior of FEE to prepare swapping the interiors. So far, all but the back seat itself has been removed, and the trunk lining remains intact so far, as well as the rear deck. All electronics have been removed, but are carefully being looked at as wires are running throughout the car like crazy. It's not that it's so difficult to do this job ... it's just so tedious. There's so much rain these days this is the only day i've been able to get to the cars. When next it's nice, the saga will continue.
17 Oct 02 The rain broke for another day luckily so i was able to get the back seat and trunk lining out of the car. The bottom is still there but the amount of wires is SICK!!! There's so many wires running through the car it's probably easier just to rewire everything once it's back in Tha Hoop. Who knows. Guess the front seats would be next!
19 Dec 02 Havent updated in so long.. havent done anything in so long either. Well today was the day... actually took off the strut bar. Swapped batteries with tha hoop and the car took a few times to start. Duh.. it's been sitting forever. It finally started and ran for a lil while. When getting back in the car, turns out there was yet another burning smell. Car's just known for such smells. Anywho, shut it off.. gave the battery back, and that's that. FEE is stripped yet again. Next should be the intake or front bumper. Hmmm....
26 Dec 02 Off came FEE's bumper today. The projectors are going. The intake.. still there but leaving soon. Ahh.. faceless FEE.
27 Dec 02 Well the projectors came off yesterday and are now completely gone... minus the strobes of course. FEE is still faceless.. poor baby. Taped up the loose wire ends and removed the intake. Looks like fenders might actually get swapped sooner than planned while the bumper is off. Then i guess it can be back to the interior. We'll see!
31 Dec 02 Started going for the front seats but had a few problems so got frustrated and opted to finish up in the back of the car. Removing the back deck was a BIOTCH!!!! Four of the six clips holding it down along the back window broke loose from the deck itself. Well.. now i know how to get it off the right way. Also ripped the rear pillars off to get to the seatbelt reel. Took only the driver side one completely off. Next time around, the other comes off, then we start removing FEE II's back end interior and swapping in the gray.

12 Apr 03 Off came the DCSports lower rear tie bar. That was a b!tch! If ure gonna do this.. a rachet set, one jackstand, a hydraulic jack, and Honda jack just isnt gonna cut it. One more part just sitting, waiting to go on FEEII.
15 Apr 03 FEE's bumper which had been sitting for a while, finally was put on FEEII. It is a little off on the passenger side, which is hopefully just a result of some misaligned fenders, rather than some serious frame or core support bending. We'll see in due time. Fogs arent yet wired, yet halfway taken out of FEE.
05 Jun 03 There's some planning going on but my lips are sealed.
19 Jul 03 Had snatched the stock airbox from Tha Hoop and tossed it in. It all looks good. Basically the front end of the car has been put back on... borrowing the white bumper from Tha Hoop. It's supposed to make it to the shop soon.. but it's a bunch of bullchit dealing with this guy who needs to fix it.

31 Jan 04 Well.. tha hoop passed inspection... so Fee here is gonna be fixed and sold this summer finally. More updates as it happens. Some other issues need to be taken care of first. If anyone wants to make any offers as is, feel free. Click the email link to the left.
10 Oct Well it's been some time, but i've opened up the car and started it. I had some trouble trying to start with the key. It would start, and then shut right off. When i remote started it, it started with no problems at all, and ran beautifully. Inside smells like hell, but all the remaining strobes work lovely, as well as all the other rear lights. The doors also all opened ok... so in your face all those who speak out against door poppers and how they 'dont' work. It's been about a year since i last started it so this was great to see it run. I even moved it a few inches back, and then forth again in it's sinking driveway pits. Felt good to push the siren and wake up the neighborhood again.
16 Oct Once again.. opened up the car and started her up. Let her air out a bit. Kinda researched how to get the strobes out of the trunk. Made the call to my boy to come pick it up to buy. The A/C was still nipply!

19 Jan 05 Ok.. it's been a while for an update here too. I have started the car a few more times, and there havent been any problems with that. One that came up recently though, is that starting the car with the key, causes it to start and shut immediately off. My mechanic says this is probably just the ignition. No biggie. A guy i know caught up with me after hunting me down for the past year or so... and wants to go ahead and take my baby from me. $2000 is the price we settled on, but I was hellbent on taking the strobes. This guy really wants the strobes.. which naturally work so well with the car anyway, so we settled on an additional $300 for them. The Audio Clinic valued installation and purchase of 12 strobes at $1200... so that's a fair price. It costed me close to that for them all at the time anyway.. to be continued.. gotta run!
29 Jan 05 So im outside at 7am, in what was still below freezing, and in the snow. I open the car up, start it, pull all the parts possible out of the basement and put em back in the car. The seats, the trunk trim, rear deck speakers. Pulled the plates off, the hoop's bumper off of it. Play with the strobes and siren (sorry neighbors) for the last time, cuz this guy was supposed to pick it up at about 8:30am. Im callin him at 8 - no answer. Im calling at 830 - no answer. One more time after 9 - no answer. He calls me back about 9.30 with the i woke up late, and im late for work etc. No estimate of time given or anything as far as coming to get the car, with a towtruck from work. I run out real quick, and of course he randomly pops up while im gone. Im like dude, i'll be back in 45min.. i had to do chit. I come back. I call and he's "2-3 min away". Half hour later, he shows up - IN HIS TAHOE!!!! WITHOUT a tow truck in sight. At this point, it's about 11:45am. Im showing him the car in full again, which i had backed out further in the driveway and he expects not to give the full amount of money, unless the title is signed over. The original plan was to pay for the car, and do the title stuff on tuesday. So he doesnt wanna give all the money with no title. Im not trying to give up the car, without full payment. So at this point.. the realization that my whole morning, of which i had to put in 4 hours at work and could have BEEN done with by that point.. had been wasted. Blood boiling? Yesh. He offers to run to DMV, but we both know it's noon and theyre closed. So we make plans for Tuesday to go to dmv and sign it over first, then the car goes on teh street for his girl/him to call AAA and pick up.
31 Jan 05 So things are looking up. This guy calls, and we strategize how to get this exchange to work properly. Sounds good.. i leave work early and work with his girl to get the title signed over and all that. Then we go back, and i move the car to the street, and she calls AAA to have it taken away. At that point, with it on the street i dont care, cuz the title will have been signed over, and i wont be the owner. We sign other papers also to validate, and life is good. This was the convo at about 11am. Moments ago, at 8pm, i get a call from another friend telling me the guy buying the car just got fired today. Looks like im gonna have to be prepared to call the other guy who wanted the car. He wanted to give me $2500 anyway. Let's see what happens.
01 Feb 05 SHE's SOLD!!!! The book can finally be closed on FEE. It's been a 6 year stint and i dont regret a thing, right down to finally backing the car out the driveway earlier, and parking it on the street waiting for the tow truck. I'm really gonna miss FEE. I have some final pics to put up whenever i download them. RIP FEE!!!
16 Feb 05 Wow.. so just bout two weeks, and im told my baby was on the road this morning already.. and with RIMS!!! We'll see if i can get a pic of it one day.
17 Feb 05 Ok, so i get the phone call at work today... telling me there's been yet ANOTHER sighting!!! Apparently it looks good. Meh... I guess i'll see it this weekend.
03 Mar 05 So im at work, when my own dad calls me to tell me he's been driving behind my car for like two towns!!!! Hahaha.. he also agrees it looks good. I've still yet to see it.
08 Mar 05 So i call this guy who bought the car, and it turns out he found the main beam or some chit underneath was bent out of shape. I got one more call that someone saw my car, but i forget who it was. Anyway, he happened to have bought another accord for $150, so he has everything he needs. He said the rack and pinion was also damaged as well as the lower control arms. He's been driving it, so it cant be TOO bad eh?
Running total minus the cost of the car ...(Missed a lot of small things like bulbs and what not)$18,712.29
[no longer being continued foreva...]