You may ask why all this mess needs to be documented... Well ... it's for my own personal benefit. Some information may help those with the same problem. Some may just seem like endless banter. Regardless of how u feel about it, it worx for me so suck it up and click on some otha chit, or read this stuff and enjoy.


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10-Oct Got tha new chit. It was such a headache for the past three weeks just to work out the deal and get the car. All the way up until delivery. I dont even wanna say where i got it for and u know there's no price being posted. Just that i got lucky enough to get it under sticker cost although it was like the second week it was out. It has all but Navi & Voice command everything since Navi isnt available until January 03. Oh well. I got my 240 horses, 212 lb/ft torque and tush warmers for the grey leather that's wrapped in Honda's 'new' Graphite Pearl exterior. Im pleased. $$$$$
19-Oct Picked up two red Polarg Bi-Hybrid turn signals for tha rear. I just coudlnt find anything i wanted, for the front signals. I guess i will go with 'dirty' white for a while just to get away from the factory orange. No point in superwhite if i dont have superwhite headlights. Anywho... pics.. one day. I picked the bulbs up from the Rt.18 Flea Market in East Brunswick. $21.18
23-Oct My plates came in a couple days ago so i finally picked that and the registration up. Of course everything's a hassle... and this was no different! The plates pretty much spell out the sales manager's name who i first spoke to at the dealership. They were such azzholes throughout the whole thing, and now i gotta ride around with his name all over my azz! Booooo! But whatevaa.. i feel more legal now. Time to start working on that wing.
30-Oct Ok.. i OD'd. I call the local Honda dealer to get a price on the decklid spoiler. Five fuggin hundred dollars they want!!!! So i ended up calling Manchester Honda for the wing and it was a surprising $248! I was suckered in by the price and opted to have em send it right away. That and some extra fogs for FEE II.
05-Nov Woo hoo!!! The Decklid Spoiler came in today from Manchester Honda. More on that when I get it put on... should happen within the next few days.
06-Nov Attempted to put in the red turn signals i bought a few weeks ago but it turned out they were double filament bulbs. I specifically asked for single filament. Now ive got to go back n chit. Baah. I was SO ready for red turn signals.. im seeing too many more on the road the same color!!! No one with the wing yet either tho...
19-Dec Eight Hundred Fifty miles later... TiTi gets her first wash. Also found a scratch on the driver side, on the bottom side of the rear bumper. Weird. It had to have come from the first snow when my family was out shoveling. Thanx guys. $40
24-Dec TiTi's first road trip! Headed out to Maryland to pick up my twin cousin. TiTi performed beautifully the whole way down. She was still barely purring at 100mph down 95S. Actually almost made it all the way back home on the same tank of gas! The gas light came on after running about 385 miles of the trip. It was only about 25 more before i was home.. but didnt wanna kill it just yet. Pretty damn good though considering an avg speed of 80mph on the trip. Snowed when i arrived in MD.. but TiTi handled pretty well on the wet ride back. I finally really FEEl her!!! Now i can stop babying her and let her loose! Im up somewhere upward of 1300 total miles on the car now.

10-Jan FINALLY!!!! TiTi got a thong for that azz! hahahaha... the wing finally got put on. Pricing here will change when i find the receipt, but in the meantime, the labor cost is shown. Pics to come. $60
26-Jan Whine Time: It's snowing... and I gotta drive TiTi cuz FEE II is in the shop!!!!! Waaaaaaaah!!!!
01-Apr Had to pull out TiTi since FEEII was put up. Ugh!
12-Apr Finally.. i got a chance to pull FEEII out so TiTi is parked for a few days. The mileage is somewhere under 2400 miles at this point. It's gettin too effin close to an oil change!
17-Apr Out comes TiTi again for quite some time as there was some trouble with FEEII as far as the control arms, muffler and bumper.
20-Apr Im heading to pick up my boy at Nwk Penn. I pass the entrance for the Pkwy on Rt22 and a graphite pearl 03 lx rolls up from the right. The lx is two cars in front. The car rips out of the pack of cars and proceeds down the highway... and i follow. How i missed the number of tailpipes is beyond me. But that car HAD to be 5spd. Shooting past Shop-Rite.. i didnt know the right lane merged.. so doing about 80 in the middle lane, i had to squeeze between a Pathfinder and an Ac CL as the Path was merging. When we got the sharp turn down the railroad stretch.. the lx floated right through the lanes as if they were one. I followed.. trying to keep the ass-end intact. TiTi wasnt as graceful. One more good beasting down the final stretch, weaving.. owning those two lanes no matter what other cars were there.... when i got trapped, and the lx whisked ahead. I got out the hot spot and pulled next to the lx which slowed down... and this FEMALE was GORGEOUS!!! If only the road hadnt split and sent us our seperate ways. It had hubcaps.. it said lx... One day.. i'll find the lx again.
23-Apr Baah... got a stupid parking ticket. Stupid no overnight parking on stupid some streets. Only $16 tho. Cant complain there. That's fair. $16
17-May So i just crossed 4k miles finally. And the car has reached the realms of going 130mph. There was a lil uncertainty between 115-120mph, but at 120mph the car suddenly felt... under control again. It was weird, and it was fun. Had i not run out of secured road (no cops) or started the stretch just a few seconds earlier, every bit of the 160 on the dash would have been taken care of, up to the governer. Good chit tho. Ive just been hearing strange sounds.. like something is rubbing, when i turn my wheel and pull off. I dont want to get into this with the dealer, but i may have to while it's the proper time.
11-Jun I effin smacked the passenger mirror while trying to back out of my friend's garage. The outer casing came off and myboy snapped it back on ... didnt take any paint off the mirror but gave it a lil scuff.
19-Jun What the hell?!?!? I just woke up, went to move the car, and the key wouldnt effin turn! It's as though the ignition is stuck. The steering wheel initially was not locked... but ended up so in the process. The icon that usually blinks when u insert the key is NOT blinking. The car doesnt look to have bene tampered with and EVERYthing else works.. the key just wont turn. To answer the stupid questions people been asking... yes both keys and the valet were tried, the steering wheel's been forced to the point where it feels like it's gonna snap or the airbag's gonna just pop out... and YES YES YES the car IS in PARK! The dealership says: You're gonna have to tow that thing in here and we'll get to it as soon as possible. Eh.. i needed an oil change anyway. Im shortly over 5,300 miles. So i call AAA and the guy comes and says he cant tow the car, because he cant move the wheel. Go figure. Plus the angle of the car in the driveway plus the angle he'd have to get his truck in.. no good. SO.. he suggests call a locksmith.. AAA has that service too. So i go check with the dealership first to see if that's really good to do. No one has an effin answer for ANYthing up there. I just wanted to know if i should and is there a way to retain the warranty if i could. Nothing. So the locksmith calls and he says he wants no parts because it's too new of a car and the electronics involved etc. SO... take a trip back to the house to fudge around and managed to get it to start. Stopped and started again and it seemed ok. It's as though the tumblers in the ignition are stuck. So i'll 'try' to drive the car over tomorrow... grant it it will still start. We'll see.
20-Jun So finally after lots of procrastination, i started the car and took it to the dealership. This guy comes out to check it out and he comes to the same conclusion and speculates that i'll have to have the ignition changed. It's Friday... MAYBE, they can take a look at it Monday. In the meantime... i get a Black 98 4dr Accord EX 4cyl. Not a bad car i must say... for daily driving. It has a cracked windshield, and a few nicks here and there. While the car is in the shop, an oil change was requested as well.
26-Jun So im driving along... NOT beating on the loaner car for once, when i pull up to an intersection, using the right lane. The Cherokee in the left lane decided he wanted to join me, but at the same time! It's Thursday. I've heard nothing about TiTi since i left her at the dealer on Friday. So i ask the guy after we pull over... what do u wanna do? He insists on the calling the police. The damage was a dent on half of his passenger fender, all between the bumper and front wheel well..along with a scratch. My damage was the mirror (non folding) and a scratch on the driver door.. top half. The cops come, suggest this be handled outside of insurance.. dude agreed and followed me to the body shop. Since he argued that he had his blinker on, and i argued that he didnt, we agreed to just fix our own damage. He left me before we got to the body shop, and i got the mirror fixed, and scratch out the door. It turned out, the dealership called me 15 min after the accident had happened, to tell me to pick up TiTi. So i brought the loaner car back in one piece and picked up TiTi. All locks were changed along with the ignition. The problem slated as "C/S Cars ignition will not turn. Internal prob with ignition lock. Replaced ignition lock ass'y and all doors, trunk and glove box locks." She's fine now. As for dude... he never showed up to the body shop.. so if u got the plates NHR 22Y I hope u dont try to pull any bullchit against me. Im already prepared buddy. That oil change by the way.. occurred at 5362 miles. That's OIL CHANGE #1.
10-Jul So im driving along... go to the bank and pay some bills ya know. I go to roll up the window with the auto button, and the window pops back down. Now to add all the other ish that's changed since i got my car back. The Maintenence Req'd light flashses and has since 6k miles. Ive got greasy fingerprints all over the back interior where folks were workin to change my locks. My third brake light isnt sitting flush as it was when i originally got the car. The glove box isnt closing on first click like it used to. There's a lil button thingie that's not been reinserted in the back that says caution, side airbag. What THEE fuck!? Who wants to take this car. Theyve begun to fuck me over big time and the car's only gone in ONCE!!! I just dont have the energy to constantly fight this dealership. Let's see what happens.
23-Jul Car went into the dealership under a checklist of items. Let's see what happens.
24-Jul Got my car back. Im surprised they took care of things. There's one fingerprint left on the rear pillar.. and they are gonna order a new glove box for me. So when that comes in and they go to install... i'll go ahead and have then clean that last print off. Otherwise, im both shocked and satisfied. Just gotta take care of this maintenance lamp.
31-Jul Just put up some pix from over a month ago. Check em out.
18-Aug Set up to put the car in the shop next week AGAIN. They received my new glove box. So it will also be visiting for the 7500 mile maintenance, that final fingerprint, and the weatherstripping on my passenger window which is leaking water inside slowly and keeps coming loose.
25-Aug I couldn't hold off any longer. Ordered a set of wheels, the front underspoiler, and the factory fogs. My pockets hurt. :( Here's the breakdown: Chrome H's for wheels: $16.80, Front UnderSpoiler: $214.80, Factory Fogs: $238.80, Wheels: $696, Shipping: $79.98 $1,246.38
27-Aug Put the car in for 7500 mile maintenance and it costed me like $80. They did some bullchit.. ordered the wrong glove box so i have to wait for that again, but they replaced the weather stripping, missed the final fingerprint, and probably broke something that wont show up for a couple weeks. Mileage and price to be updated when i get the paperwork out the glovebox.
03-Sep All my chit came in today! Things look to have been shipped without any damage. Now it's a matter of gettin things put on.. and putting things on. I want to have the foglight covers painted before putting the lights in tho. Started working on finding wheels today... probably will be a week before anything good happens.
02-Oct Finally got my tints taken care of all the way around, 20% by The Tint Shop and i have to say im pleased for the price. Black Onyx is the colour. $232.14
09-Oct Happy Birthday TiTi!!! She's completed a full year with only 9797 miles on her! Good chit!
12-Oct 215/50WR17 Continental ContiExtremeContact at $91/per plus like $28+ shipping from Tire Rack. Cant wait! Finally i can put these wheels on! $392.18
13-Oct Tire Rack calls me to let me know that the size tire i ordered, 215/50, was test fitted on my car, and might need for the fenders to be rolled. WTF?!?! It's a stock size! We'll see.
15-Oct Wow... the tires came! They do look quite wide, but anything on your livingroom floor tends to look huge.. unless u park your car in your livingroom! Time to make some calls so we can get these mounted and balanced as close to 'FREE' as possible.
16-Oct Finally crossed 10,000 miles! Click on date for footage.
18-Oct Got the wheels mounted and balanced today and put on. I neglected to go ahead and include the H's for the centercap, but the wheels look great. STS Auto and Tire spent the elbow grease and charged me accordingly. $55.12
27-Oct Took the car in for the leaking in the passenger side and it turned out they needed to seal up some opening near the firewall. Let's see what happens. I feel like this will still happen, because the water inconsistently leaks on to the passenger floor. For now, i guess i have to be satisfied.
29-Oct So i gets into the car after a good night's work only to find water leaking from the passenger side PILLAR this time!!! WTF. Honda Inc will soon be receiving a letter. This is getting out of hand. The dealer will take the car back once again on 6-Nov.
03-Nov FINALLY... i am an associate member of the Fraternal Order of Police! I luv that shield in my window. Ah the price u pay to not get harassed when youre not doing anything wrong, like when doing 27 in a 25. $100
06-Nov So i took the car in explaining that i had a leak on the passenger A pillar directly in the center, and a water mark on my headliner just above it. I received a call back saying that a new headliner will be installed, and after it arrives, they will look into the leak while the headliner is off. Im out of a car for a few days. :-/
07-Nov "Yea.. the headliner still hasnt come in so plan on keeping the [loaner] car for a few days. It should come in on Monday and we can take a look at everything and get it back to you either Monday or Tuesday."
10-Nov So of course *I* had to call the dealership and see what the word was. Apparently the headliner had not come in... big surprise... and umm.. basically "we'll call you" was pretty much the sentiment. It's now Monday and the car has been there since Thursday. Just want to re-iterate... the leak ... the whole reason the car is in there in the first place... will NOT be looked into until the headliner comes off to be replaced. The headliner does not come OFF.. til the new one is there and ready to go ON. WTF?!?! Why does it take so long to get parts for new cars?
11-Nov Stopped in in the AM just to check on things. Turned out the headliner came in late yesterday afternoon. My baby is set to be third into the garage today, however these guys say to pretty much not expect my car back for ANOTHER three days.
So they called me up later on to let me know my car was ready, so i went ahead to pick it up. So when i pick up the car... and i was told that the problem was that the hose that drains water from the sunroof was not properly attached and that was the problem the whole time, through all three leaks. I hope this proves true throughout what looks to be a heavy wet winter. I knew to check the sunglasses holder to be sure it opened properly, since the headliner was replaced. OF course it didnt. I pointed it out to the service tech... he opted to order a new one. THEN... i look above the driver door in the roof rail area, and there's a hoard of dirt marks, as though someone laid chit on top of the car and slid it off. Turns out after cleaning the area, that there was a threatening scratch through the paint. Let this guy know... and they will be buffing the car when it comes in to get the glasses holder replaced. Requested some sort of oil change for my inconvenience.
12-Nov I just fuccin cant win. I inspect the car for any other leftovers, and the passenger roof rail in the rear is quite loose. Called immediately and requested a date, with a loaner, for next Thursday. It is Wednesday at this point.
20-Nov I wake up 3 hours after i come in the house... call to Honda to confirm my appt.. because something said, don't go there or else u will be arrested for flipping completely out... and sure enough, no appt recorded for me. No further comment.
30-Nov Alriiiight.... super white door courtesy lights! Hahahahahaha.. a must have! $9.53
01-Dec Called up Honda a week ago. The car just HAD to get in ASAP. It was already supposed to be in to replace the eyeglasses holder, buff out the scratch, and tighten down the rear passenger roof rail. Today it's also going in because of the center console creaking, the 'auto' light flickering when the lights are turned on, brake vibration, the cd changer which conked completely out on me one night. I suggested the starting problem, but was told that the fuel pump needs a little extra time to do its thing in the winter in ULEV engines... so crank to pos.II for 2-3 seconds before starting. Let's see what happens!
02-Dec Picked up TiTi today. As it goes... the sunglasses holder was replaced successfully. The scratch was buffed out. The roof rail was actually replaced instead of fixed. The creaking from the center console received some sound padding which was a success. The rotors were shaved. The 'auto' light was considered to have been working as designed... i later discovered that it flickers, because my dashboard lights are kept turned down. When turned up, the light does not flicker. I'll accept. The only open item is the cd changer, which has been ordered, but the car will have to go back for it to be installed. No problem. Maybe i'll wait til the oil change. Im a happy camper.
22-Dec At some point in these days, the changer completely blanked out. I called the dealership so they could step up progres with the radio, and brought it in today. HO-LY-SHIT! You would NOT believe that i walked out with my dashboard scratched up on both sides alongside the cd holder area. The changer worked successfully, but the install yielded a LOT of unjust scratches. I immediately walked back in to show another tech who agreed the scratches were fresh, and the 'NOT AN ASHTRAY', 'NOT A LIGHTER' and trim around the shifter were not properly reinstalled. The tech fixed the problem and agreed to work out a solution for the dash. To be replaced, it would take the ENTIRE bottom half of the dash to be ordered, so naturally, the dealership opted to call in a vinyl repair guy. No sir. I had a PERFECT dash, i want another. So as the tech fixed the fixables... i thought about it and let them off easy by asking that they simply buy the aluminum trim, and install it. The service manager agreed, and the trim was ordered, and appointment set for juuust after the new year... 05-Jan. Let's see what happens.

05-Jan I've been waiting since 22-Dec to have this trim installed, and wouldnt you know, i show up for my appointment, and there IS NO TRIM. It wasnt even on backorder. It just wasnt fucking ordered!!!! I was FURIOUS. Youd think if a dealership tech scratched a customer's interior doing a rote task, the dealership would do all they could to correct things. Apparently not here. Stormed out... then back in to speak to the service manager. Ive been put through TOO MUCH bullshit with the dealership to not benefit at this point. He agreed that we would work something out after the trim was installed to get me a couple free services and then some. I'll take him up on that and push for more. Another wasted day.
12-Jan Rescheduled the appointment to Tuesday, 20-Jan since i'll be away beginning the 14th. Decided not to be pissed in case of yet another fockup courtesy of the dealership.
20-Jan FINALLY... after all the drama, i get the trim installed. Did the best i could with the pics here.They actually finished the install in a matter of about two hours. I was a bit concerned, but the trim appears to be properly installed. Still need to clear things up with the service manager so i can get my just desserts.
27-Feb Well wouldnt you know it... im knocking some Kanye West... and LOVING it for the past day now. Im all ready to go out for the night, stop to get a sandwich a half hour away from home, and when i get back into the car... i get the nice red led unerneath the cd player's 'mouth' flashing.. and the display blinking LOAD at me! A little tappage on the dashboard from all around it does nothing. Turning the changer off and on does nothing. Turning the heat off then on does nothing. Turning the CAR off and on does nothing. I wind up driving home for a half hour with no music. And the fuccing display flashing at me, giving me enough time to think about what i'd have to do about the fact that 6 original cd's are stuck in the changer. Looks like another call in to Honda on Monday. :( Thing is.. i was just there a couple days ago, and everyone rejoiced, because there was 'nothing wrong with his car!' for once. Lucky me.
04-Mar So i finally go to get the changer taken care of at 9am. Im waiting around, then shortly after, im told that the tech cant get the cd's out.. naturally, and that the changers are on MAJOR backorder with no date at all. I think at this point im just used to this kind of thing, so i brushed it off my shoulder. Next thing you know, just as im getting my key returned, the parts guy hollars that he DOES have one changer in stock. My lucky day? So about an hour later, my car goes back into the shop, and an hour and a half after that, it comes out, with a new changer installed. This is number THREE!!! Hahaha.. three times is a charm. However, i lost 6 damn good cd's. TechN9ne's Absolute Power, Kanye West's College Dropout, TI's Trap Muzik, JayZ's Grey Album, Tweet's Album, and Lil Jon's Kings of Crunk. If im lucky, Honda will get my changer, and be able to extract my cd's and return them. I wont bank on it i guess. We'll see what happens. Oh.. and im about 50 miles short of 13k at this point. And as a follow up to previous issues, i will receive my 15k service completely free, as well as the following oil change. I think by the time im done with this dealership, i will never pay for an oil change at least.. hahaha. But this time around.. im pleased... and will be even moreso if i get my Kanye West among others, returned.
02-Jun FINALLY... I get my cd's back! They all were returned and all looked good and so far, no scratches or anything. I'm a happy camper in that aspect. It's been a while since anything has gone on, but I wound up replacing the passenger side brake light last week, which ran me $3.50 for the bulb! Im not sure why it went out already. Hope it isnt an indication of problems to come. Funny is.. that price was dealership price, which was cheaper than the local Strauss/PepBoys. The wing is still coming off now that I drive 100+ mph M-F while on the highway religiously. Other than that, the headliner is creaking at the handle by my head, and by the rear of the sunroof. The back windows seem to be loose, which isnt just in my own car. I thought itd be because of the tint (meaning dude had to push the window around a bit) but my buddy with no tint is having the same problem. This will all be looked into when i next take her in for an oil change. I'll do all the complaining then. The transmission feels weird now too. Im starting to worry a bit as two folks' TL's i know just went in for tranny work just before the warranties were up. We'll see what happens... that 6spd Altima doesnt look too bad.. nor does the new Max! $3.50
08-Jun Ok so just after adding the update about what's not so wrong, today i get splashed by the lady i was tailgating.. but with WET CEMENT... which is all over the front bumper, then *I* splashed through it cuz i was so close to her i couldnt see it to avoid it until too late, so it's sprayed up along the passenger side of the car. Half hour later, when parking and in a rush, nicked ... not scraped, but NICKED the front passenger rim in two spots. You gotta be fawkin kidding me. Then i get to work, and the guys are cutting the grass right by where i parked, so that should be all over the car when lunchtime comes around. That usually sticks on the car for a good week if not washed. I hope things look up soon.
11-Aug Well it's been a minute since I've updated, but i eventually got the concrete off the car. It wasnt too bad, but i had to actually kinda scrape it all off lil by lil with my fingernails. No scratches.. no drama. Im at peace again. It's getting close to the 22,500 maintenance already. Im pretty pissed that it's coming up so soon. It seems like i just did my last oil change, which im really overdue for. Oh well.
18-Aug So I dropped my car off to have the 22,500 maintenance taken care of. Car has 21990 on it, but i was so overdue for a 3k oil change i opted in early. I also left them with some info on my cd door never being replaced since the 15,000 service, my sunroof window gasket bunching up when tilted.. which i need to take a pic of, my back windows rattling, and my headliner creaking. Got an 01 ex 4cyl w/leather as a loaner. Not bad.
19-Aug Ok so i got my car back, and when i get out of work.. nail in my tire suddenly. FAWK! In other news, the back window rattling is considered normal, the gasket bunching from the sunroof is considered normal... which i didnt see happen on my boy's roof. They fixed the headliner, and ordered a new cd door. $94.34
20-Aug Ok, so i couldnt help but to do it, so i went ahead and ordered the black housing angel eye projectors from AutoDynamic. So i should have those in about a week or so. They are SO bangin based on what ive seen on a few cars over at Car Domain. Hopefully i can put the HID's behind em. Id luv to have those again. Will keep ye updated. So i come out of work TODAY, and find out the OTHER tire lost a load of air. DOUBLE FAWK!!! Im ridin em til they fall off!

So then i get home just in time to get the first and only recall for my car so far. Let's see what it reads:
Safety Recall Campaign: Accord V6 Automatic Transmission Second Gear Inspection
Dear Accord Owner:
This notice is to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act
What is the reason for this notice?
Honda Motor Co., Ltd., has decided that a defect relating to motor vehicle safety exists in certain 2003-04 Accord V6 vehicles with automatic transmissions. Certain operating conditions can result in heat buildup in the transmission second gear set and may lead to gear tooth chipping. In very rare cases, gear breakage can occur. Gear failure could result in transmission lock-up, and a crash could occur without warning.
What should you do?
Call any authorized Honda dealer and make an appointment to have your vehicle repaired. For vehicles with less than 15,000 miles, the dealer will install an oil jet kit to provide additional lubrication to the gears. For vehicles with more than 15,000 miles, the dealer will inspect the affected gear for heat discoloration, which indicates possible damage. If heat discoloration exists, the dealer will replace the transmission. If heat discoloration is not found, the dealer will install an oil jet kit. This work will be done free of charge. Please plan to leave your vehicle all day to allow the dealer flexibility in scheduling the inspection and installing the oil jet kit. If transmission replacement is needed, the work will take more than one day.

26-Aug OMG one more day and the lights will be here!!! Im charging up the batteries for the digicam now!
28-Aug Ok... so i got the lights and it turns out i dint realize (1) that the angel eyes have a seperate wire that needs to be connected, and (2) it didnt mention on the website that the beams were actually H3 for headlight and H1 for high beams. I was banking on using stock chit. Oh well.. next saturday is the appt to get the lights and HID's installed. I was gonna put in the lights myself, but dude says he will need to drop the bumper to mount the ballasts, so might as well not do double work! We'll see what happens. $327.29
04-Sep Well, they told me to call up and make sure my HID's would be in, on Friday, so i did, and of course 'the guy never came' so it was a wrap. i got so pissed, cuz i saw it happening a week ago, that I decided to actually take the leap of faith and install the headlights my damn self. I must say.. for one who has not done any electrical work since 1993, i actually felt comfy wiring up the angel eyes to the parking signal. Of course it's not difficult, it's just the idea of ME pulling apart a fairly new car and doing electrical work that scares me. In any case, pics are to the left, with some insight on what to do. I used this page at cardomain for instructions on how to get the bumper off and all, and they were great. Click on the date for the info on that.
05-Oct Called up the Audio Clinic... and they're gonna go ahead and order my HID's. I guess the issue besides them being H3, is that i specifically want something btwn 4500k-6000k but nothing more or less. Can't wait!
09-Oct So i wake up early so i can get to Harrison in due time for them to replace my lights, and what happens... no HID's AGAIN!!! So.. i've just decided that i will skip on the HID's. I think this is some omen not to get them, so im just gonna focus on getting the foglight housing painted and the fogs in.
11-Oct Paid that stinkin tint ticket. (Will update with the story on that later) It costed me $10 more than it should have because i dint pay it by the 6th. So they tacked on that penalty. Then it costed me $2 for the convenience fee of paying for it online. Bastards. Im currently just staying out of South Plainfield. Shit. $66.00
13-Oct Got the call from the dealership. They swear instead of telling me to come in tomorrow to fix my dashboard (will also update with the story later) they notified me to drop the car off today. No such luck busters. So now i have to wait yet another week to get this chit taken care of. I wonder what i'll be getting out of this one. Im finally pissed at the fact that everytime they do something.. they fawk up.

18-Jan Well I still have to backtrack and update some things, but just before i hit the 29,000 mile mark, the brakes began to go already! The sensors on those things are something serious! Turned out all four were low.. due to braking from 100mph to 80mph and 80mph to 60mph at least once daily on the way to or home from work! We didnt realize the backs went until after parts closed at 6pm, so only the fronts have been changed for now. The brakes... Honda's own... $47.50 or so for the front set, and $40 to have the mechanic put em on.. in their bay, after hours, in 10 minutes. Gotta love it! No more girls lookin at me and making faces as i squeal by! After the 30k mark, she goes back in to get the dash repaired by the vinyl guy, my window looked at for not wanting to roll up. (driver side) and it's normal 30k maintenance BS. Theyve also got to reconnect or replace the bulb in my seat heater light for the passenger side. Hopefully it was just disconnected. I refuse to go in there and fix it myself since they always screw up. $87.50
25-Jan So picked up the back brakes for $40 and paid $10 to finish the job. Why $40? I go to the parts counter, and the guy looks at me countin the cash and says, "How much you got there?" I say, "Meh.. 49.. 50" He takes the whole thing, gives it back less $40 and says "Go on.. that's enough." Now.. im just in shock. completely. Then i realized what just happened, so i walked off with a thank you. He replies... "If you need anything, just come see me." That's when i think of all the work tha needs to be done to tha hoop! So chatted about what i might need there, and can't wait to reap the benefits of knowing someone at the right time. Anywho, this guy puts the brakes on in record time again, and i give him $10.. actually $20, asking for change! I explain it was supposed to be done last time but we couldnt get to parts.. and tha hoop is comin in to fix anyway, so he says fine.. he'll add it on double to tha hoop's cost of repair.. haha. $50 this time around. I guess not bad compared to true dealer prices. $50.00
15.Feb So finally called to get my 30,000 service, and all the other stuff done. Let's see what happens next wed.
16.Feb So im ALMOST home when some fool runs into me at the light. New model Explorer.. thank goodness for the plastic bumper! We were at the light stopped. One car in front of me and this guy behind me. The car in front inches up, with brake lights on still, just before the light changes. I inched slightly.. still with brake lights on also. The light turns green, and no sooner than my foot BEGAN to lift off the brake pedal did this guy plow right into the back of me!!! At least it felt that way. Hopped out.. damage was very minimal. We're talkin minor scuffs top and bottom of the bumper that might just disappear. I let him go.. didnt feel like being bothered.. no info and all that and that was that. He works for the Colonia Fire Dept tho.. so i know where to find him if i find some other damage! But really looks good tho.
23.Feb Car made it in for the 30k service. Also taken care of were the scratches on the dash, the broken vent, the seat heat light and driver window. Things are finally back to normal... well as normal as they can be for now. It cost me a pretty penny that service. However... as usual, there's always something that's not right. I feel bad cuz i start LOOKING for what's wrong instead of making sure all is right. So i go out to the car, and find my tires appear to be a lil low... just like EVERY time it comes out from a service. Normally this is because i put more air than needed, and they take out to make it what it should be. However.. in this case, it looked abnormally low, with lots of bulge coming out the sides. Moved the car back to be sure it wasnt the surface, and it definitely wasnt. So i go ask my mechanic to let me in for some quick air, and he throws a FIT without even looking at the tire!!! Apparently, some lady came in with the same complaint earlier, and her tires were at the proper psi. So after arguing with him for 5 minutes.. i had to get to work, so i bounced. It really bothers me that he's still just like all the rest... too bent up on their pride. I was SO heated, but tha hoop needs to go in in two days, so tried to keep cool. $355.10
24.Feb So i call up the asshole... my mechanic. (he's good.. just an asshole sometimes) to let him know that i checked the pressure in my tires, which i did, and they were 27 and 28psi! Not the 32 he claimed to have seen them being filled to. I left a kind message, asking him to take the dick out from between his ears, and left it at that.
26.Feb Ah the end of the month... the time where you risk getting the most tickets for the little things so officers can fill their quotas. It's a very tense time, apparently more brutal in February since it's shortened. So im off to the credit union and decide to go to new brunswick instead of bridgewater to avoid the towns where the cops are essentially 'traffic cops' and no more. I make my way around by Rutgers, and wouldn't you know it, the officer that was posting up came RIGHT after me as i pulled on to Route18. Now.. i purposely stopped hard at the stop sign when i saw him, and pulled off gently, so i was really curious what this might be about. Rutgers cops are a kind folk... (except when they exhibited blatant racism one night.. unrelated tho) They ARE essentially STATE police, and i respect them for their powers tho most consider them just school cops. Anywho, the officer.. Nielsen or son, kindly asks me for my info, advising i had been pulled over for the tints. For once, i wasnt having my nervous shake, and slowly handed him all my info. He is the first to ask if my permit for the FOP shield was current... which it was, so i handed him that as well. (Good thing i kept it with) He then went back, made a few calls, and handed my chit back to me.. "Have a nice day." and then "Oh and this is a verbal warning." "Thank you officer!" Regardless of the two idiots that singled me out before, i still have respect for the RUPD.
07.Mar So this bus, two cars in front of me, pulls over at a bus stop to the right, then pulls back out in the street and stops next to the bus that was already there. So im a lil patient, and seconds later, after patience runs out... i LEEEEEEEAAAAAAN on the horn so they could get the idea to move the hell out the way. When i say LEEEEEEEAAAAAAN, i mean i was on the horn and having a conversation with my boy about leanin on the horn. So i stop, then out runs a cop with a flashlight.. to the car in front, then to me....
He's all .. whats the problem. Im all.. that bus just did that, and that's kinda rude to sit there like that. (Hoping he doesnt get closer to smell the ONE.. yes ONE beer I had just had) He explains that they were arresting someone on the bus and has me pull over and give my info. The both buses leave and i see two cop cars facing the wrong way parked. While he sits in one, another cop asks me if ive ever lived in Camden. I say no and another car with two more cops pulls up behind me. Now im kinda gettin worried. All i needed was to find out my name's been used AGAIN and i got a warrant or some chit. But he finally comes back and had written me a ticket for... get this... Improper Use of Horn!!!! WTMFH So i just asked how much it was, which he didnt know and kept it movin since I was running late.. Lil cocky ass bald headed four foot bidiATCH!!!!
09.Mar Fawkin ticket isnt even online of course! So i dont know how much it really is. Debating paying it as driving tax, or fighting it on principle. We'll see.
24.Mar Ok so turns out the ticket finally did show up and its due tomorrow so i shelled out the friggin money by credit card tonight, since i cant get to the violations place between the unbelievable hours of 9am and 4pm. What the hell kinda hours are those?!?!?! I wish i had those hours on a salary in a nice secure job. Yeeesh. Anywho... i chalk this one up to driving tax, yet again. Ran me the $2 convenience fee upon the $54 fine. $56.00
21.Apr Ok... i get a tax break this year and dont have to pay like i used to.. but this Driving Tax is KILLING ME!!! Coming home from a fashion show in Piscataway, a rookie opts to pull me over for doing 69 in a 45. Now i was well aware of him and i was doing 65, behind another car! I definitely saw him in time and don't believe he could have really clocked me. So he pulls me over and opts to give me a tint ticket instead. He was maad rude and edgy. Rude like he had a straw in his mouth he was chewin on when he approached the car. Rookie, cuz he called backup and took forever to even pull me over! Rat bastard dint even wanna tell me his name. So he tells me it's Azhenbujo or some bullchit i think he made up. So i reply.. 'Ass in bujo?' hahahaha.. anywho, im sure this will be yet another $56. The third ticket since October.. and second for tint. Once again tho, this doesnt count for one against the tint since that's not what he pulled me over for. So its still two more before any tint comes off the car.
15.May Right-o ... it's the same price as before, the tint ticket, plus the $2 convenience fee. It wasnt set to HAVE TO pay until June some time. That's really weird, but it's all taken care of now! Whew. $56
16.May Oh yea.. and someone got my rear passenger door pretty good while opening their door last week! :-/
06.Nov So I haven't updated in a while. I'll just focus on the headlights for the moment. A couple weeks ago a headlight went out. Could barely tell, but it turned out to be faulty wiring in the aftermarket harness. I didnt realize this til i opened one of the Silverstars, so i just put both in and rigged the harness to work. No more problems for two weeks. THEN.. the driver side light started acting up for two weeks until it finally cut out. Picked up some 9006 Silverstars at this point, and swapped the stock headlights back in. If it wasnt so much trouble to get em out, including deterioration to the bumper connections... i would have fixed it and left it in, but there's not time this winter to fiddle with taking off my bumper. Damn.
02.Dec 43,064 miles. Took the car in for an overdue oil change, and to get my NOT AN ASHTRAY tray replaced since the surface was so scratched. This was put under warranty at my last visit!
03.Dec Picked the car up and all seemed well until at night. Suddenly while driving, i noticed my lights kept dimming randomly. It didnt appear to happen like, when the fan came on, or when the radio bass knocked. I really don't get why it's happening, but it did help me notice that the passenger side seat heat light switch was ONCE AGAIN, not plugged in. I'm pretty pissed at this point and will commence chewing of the out when i return to the dealership next time. $26.45

28.Jan So there was quite a bit more that happened but in the end, my Silverstars took a wound (one went out) and I've stepped back down yet again.. to the stock dirty azz halogens. I can't wait til the weather breaks! The pulsating lights are still going on though.
21.Feb MI: 47,080 Took the car in for an oil change, and to have these guys take another look at my heater switch area. I noticed the driver side seat heater switch.. breathe.. on the low setting, the bulb comes on one time, and then off the next. IT's so consistent it hurts. The oil was changed but these guys said they found nothing. I dunno but this time i believe them. The only thing we can do is wait for the problem to get worse, recheck my wiring from my headlights, or have a tech drive it home overnight to see the actual lights dimming. The switch and lights arent related is the other part of the story. All i know is this started when my coin tray thingie was replaced. In any case i will search for the heater switch, cop one and replace it myself, and then sit on it for a while and see what happens. Fawk this.. i should just put the ipod kit in already! $26.63
23.Apr So that nail that's been in my tire for a few months finally broke through the sidewall. I was at work earlier that day and there was no problem until after the car was parked, at home for a few hours. I get in and drive off, and blub blub blub! Good thing i still have the stocks i guess. Put the stocks back on front and moved the front to back since the flat was in back.
28.Apr Since i wont even order the tires for another week or two, i put the other two stocks on back. This sucks.. all the accessories i have for the car, and all it's changes, and it's back to normal again now... a regular exv6 with a lip spoiler and tints. Blech.
02.May Someone crossed 50k beteween today and last night! Too bad i cant get the pics off the picture phone. I caught the pic at 50k50. Baah.
30.May I hate my car right now folks. I HATE being stock. I havent washed the car since before i got that flat from the last post or two. Im about 4k away from my last oil change and the maintenance light has BEEN on for a good 2-3 weeks and i've yet to call to make an appt. Topping it off.. some old fart ran into the back of me today while on lunch. That fool tapped pretty hard.. and left me the circle of life from the bolt on his license plate. SMH ... FAWK!
On a lighter note, i am tempted to go for the 19s THIS summer, and have opted to go ahead and get the LED tails.
August Ordered Tires and Tails
August Man they came quick
August Got Em Installed, He's Got My Lights!!!
August Got the lights! Argh a bolt!
August Argh.. NO bolt! Temp tire.
04.Sept Never ordered a new one, but put the lights in!
14.Nov Crossed 60,000 miles on the way into work!
21.Nov Took the car in for 60k service. The engine light had been coming on recently, but I was told by multiple (including Honda) mechanics that 1) if the light didn't stay on, there is nothing to worry about, and 2) it's most likely the gas cap if anything. There were no issues with the service.. everything checked out. I had my guy, the mechanic plug in the reader while it was in the garage, and he confirmed the code of 1456, which is the gas cap.

I realized before it started happening, the gas dude turned the hell out of my cap. Whenever the light has come on, and I've tightened the cap more, it would go off on the next start up. So.. no issues at 60k miles. I guess I should be keeping the car for the 10 years I bought it for.
29.Dec Taking a trip for some weekend New Year festivities, the trans conked out at 80mph on 287 right at the Turnpike Exit. Talk about scary. Now, there was NO INDICATION prior to me taking the car down from sale, that there was any issue. Once back in Sept, it felt like my gears shifted hard, but I was never able to recreate. SO... after taking the car down from sale, i noticed one day that i revved high, going about 80. Again, could not recreate so didn't worry about it and chalked up to insanity.

This time, I'm driving pretty hard to get to the 287, get on and eventually slow down to 80, and i guess the trans started to seize. I pull over, check for busted fluids and such but nothing. As i drive off carefully, and doing no more than 30mph, it seems i cant get out of 2nd gear. I go on for about 5 miles or so like this, off the highway and past a mall. Turned the car off and on, then the park AND drive lights become lit, and the drive light blinks. I drive a bit further, put the car in reverse and gas it, and the car rolls forward. SO, at this point, gave a call to AAA, towed it to Honda, and called it a night.
30.Dec Stopped by the dealer to explain what happened and immediately the first lady said, "oh there's a bulletin for that". NO ONE WAS SURPRISED!!! She then found it wasnt for my specific model, but advised that "Honda usually is more sensitive to the owners who have had the recalls done." Yup, i had a recall to keep my trans cooled by oil, so 2nd gear wouldnt heat up and crack. Apparently i had been driving hard enough that night, to raise the heat to crack the gear. I think that's pretty awesome of me. Hahaha. Anyway she advised she would call Honda, and get back to me.

03.Jan The date may be off, but it was well after the New Year, where I was advised that Honda WILL pay for the transmission this time around, and it would take until the following Wed or so, to complete the work. That's a pretty good feeling knowing that it wont cost ME the $4,000.
10.Jan Car's ready.
13.Jan Picked up the car, drove it about 3 miles til home, and called it a done deal. Feels.. different, but ive been driving the hooptie so long it's probably due to that. I'm advised not to purchase the 20's I had been sitting on the money for, and that it's warranted, for one year, or 12k miles. I probably won't hit the 12k.
27.Jan Took the car out for about 50 miles worth of driving, and it didn't quite feel... right. I can't call it, but parked it. Figured i'd try again another time.
28.Jan Put on an additional 250 miles taking another trip in the snowy weather doing 75-80mph most of the way, and the car didnt feel right at first, but seemed to smooth out. I guess it was just in my head which sucks cuz i missed a good party the night before cuz i didnt have the confidence in the car. Oh well.
29.Jan Didnt feel like moving cars around, so took her out one more day to work, and it kinda ruled out the feeling i had the first night of driving it. Go figure. Parked it again. Due to the salt, it needs a wash now before i can throw the car cover on.
03.Feb So the other fella who has the same projector headlights finally accepted how reasonable of a deal my original stocks were offered for, for $400. He tried and tried and tried to find a better deal via ebay or just word of mouth, but of course, it doesnt get any better than what I had to offer. Especially when you live 5 minutes away and there's obviously no surprises. Ahh, subtracting money from the total cost. A first! -$400.00
24.Jul When driving to meet someone to settle differences, it would figure that if it didn't end well, i would wind up with a crack in my windshield after driving up the highway. It's more of a chip to the outer surface, but it did cause a minor split just underneath. Not a good look. At least inspection is another year away.
10.Aug So yesterday on the way home from work, i drove through what was a construction area, with massive debris leftover as usual. What now looks like the broken head of a key somehow managed to wind up in my tire. How in the hell?!?!?! In any case, after seeing something metal sticking out of my tire, i chanced it driving home. Made it ok, and it pushed it into the tire a bit more. There wasn't a whole lot of air loss, and i had stopped to get the hydraulic jack on the way home. Figured i'd do it in the morning if i couldnt drive on it to the shop. Bad choice. I wake up, it's pour.. no BEASTING rain like the end of the world's coming. I had to get to work, so changed it, miraculously when the rain let up slightly, though it was still pouring. Took it over to STS, and it was 20 even to patch it. I just had to pick it up after work. $20.00
08.Sep So two weeks ago i took a trip up to my favourite electronic spot, Audio Clinic in Harrison, NJ. I've decided since im keeping the car, i might as well put all the parts i have on it already. So cleared an appt the following Sat to get the projector sockets fixed, bumper cut for fogs, and the factory fogs wired to come on with the parking lights instead of just the headlights. A foul up on my part had me cancel last weekend, so i was good for this morning. A few hours later, and im happy with the factory fogs installed properly, clean, and to my liking. The labor included taking off the bumper, cutting the bumper, rewiring the projector sockets, rewiring the factory wiring so the fogs come on with the park lights, reconnecting the halos, and half of putting the bumper back on.. haha. Naah it was cool, i ran the factory wiring around the hood and did the inside the car wiring. Anyways, these guys took care of me as always. Ive just got to get the pics. It'll probably take forever.

I also have to add how im stuck for the weekend driving with no music, because i have no idea where i put the access card to my radio. SO, now that ive mistakenly put in a code 3 times, i will just have to wait til Mon morning to get it from the dealer.
11.Sep Somewhere through the day, i crossed 70k miles!!
15.Oct Some time ago, i was driving with the donut on and the TCS light came on and was flashing. I chalked it up to some imbalance with the rear tires that day, and thought nothing more of it. It happened again! Lately i've been feeling like the trans has been slipping into first gear. It started a few weeks back. Now that this is the second day the TCS light has randomly come on, its time to note it.
Dec I forget the date, but came out from work one day and found my tire completely flat for no apparent reason. I mean like folded over flat. Lucky i had two new tires and a 5th rim at home. Took it in to STS and turns out the rim was cracked on the inside, releasing all the air. SO, that calls for just buying a new rim for $174 as opposed to fixing for close to $100. Problem solved though, and the mismatch tire on there finally gets put aside. Under the table pmt. $35
Dec And just to update, i've so far lost the top line of LEDs from the left tail light, and the inside 3 LEDs to the right one at this point. DEPO needs to answer me. Also, i lost a headlight somewhere in the process also. Hopefully it's just the bulb and not the wiring again. Add random TCS lights staying on, more knock in the steering column, the ring-a-ling under the car, and you have the state of the union. Ah, the engine light is still on for the gas cap also.

02.Jan So i'm ready to take a trip to NY after the car's been parked for two days, i start it and it whines like a pig at the butcher! Pulled out, no better, backed in and parked it. Looked it up on and it appears to have to do with the power steering. It could be fluid, the reservoir, or the pump itself. Ugh. At almost 75k i may as well see what else is in the area as far as belts and such. *Sigh* A guy told me to get rid of my car justs last week, and all i told him was the transmission went last year. :-( Was he a prophet?
05.Jan I made the call and this guy was able to let me pick up a car Friday night and leave mine to be worked on, Monday morning. In fact, i got an EX V6 to drive for now. That's a first, i think. I left it with need of the 75k service, investigation into the ringing under the car, the power steering whine, and the knock in the steering column. Let's see what happens.
07.Jan I get the call, and i'm told the service is done, but i'll need a power steering pump and reservoir, front rotors and pads, and back pads, a front and a side engine mount. Wow. I'll update the cost on that when i pick it up. I'm just going to deal with the whine for at least the night. Brakes.. who pays the dealer when your mechanic works for the dealer and does it on his own? Besides, they're not squeaking just yet. Hahaha. The engine mounts.. i don't deny as my car has run rougher and rougher in the bay.

To add to this, i picked up the car and it's what they said. Service suggested prices total well over $1500. Not i. Regular service was enough.
09.Jan Decided to order the 5th rim... AGAIN. Going to discard the cracked one though the crack isn't even as large as the whole lip. $202.50
16.Jan So Friday the 11th i scheduled my car to have the power steering pump and reservoir replaced. I figure youre better off with the dealer doing some things, so you can have someone to go back to when chit breaks. It's not until i'm on my way out the door that i'm called to tell the part is on backorder and it'll have to be a daily check before rescheduling. I have similar issues with getting the windshield replaced in the hooptie. What a year. :(

21.Feb 110,089 mi - 105k service (timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, oil change) $1,324.18
26.Feb Accident! - [Pics soon] - US Hwy 1 South @ Prince Street, Edison, NJ - Sitting at a red light in the middle lane, i get tapped and a black SUV whooshes by my right side, through the intersection, just before the light turns green. He immediately pulled over and when i got out to check, he pushed in my rear quarter, took off the right half of my right tail light, cracked the bumper, scratched the rim and edge of the back door. Lucky for me, a police officer was at the opposite red light. He didnt appear drunk to the officers, and later i found out the incident was probably all captured on the officer's in car video camera.
27.Feb Accident! - [Pics soon] - Finally took a few daytime pics.
02.Mar Accident! - Picked up the police report and grabbed a couple estimates. It's confirmed the incident is on the officer's in car camera. The estimates round up to about $4,000 damage. Scheduled an appt with the other guy's insurance, Geico. Let's see how they do. While at one place for an estimate, I overheard a Geico adjuster talking greasy about a repair, indicating if they cut corners, he will get a bonus. No bueno.
04.Mar Accident! - Plainly. Geico sucks. The estimate was about $1,000 lower than my lowest estimate. The rental was scheduled for a small car when I was told I would be in something comparable. When I revisited the adjuster and asked about both, he gave me an attitude. Called my insurance.. no surcharges if I go through them. I'm going through my own insurance instead. Geico can kiss my ass. Discount insurance = discount repairs.
08.Mar Accident! - Took til today to get everything straightened out. Car goes in the shop on the 14th. Just hope it doesnt rain on the way in. Contemplating debadging the rear of the car for $90. It's a now or never kind of thing since there's painting to be done in the area already, although I don't have the loot for it. We'll see.
14.Mar Accident! - Took the car in. Decided to have them debadge it. No idea when i'll get it back. Got a 2011 Ford Expedition as a loaner. I can dig it... don't have too many places to go.
18.Mar Accident! - Was supposed to trade in the Expedition for an Infiniti G37 two days ago. They BS'd me, so i picked up the Ford Edge. It's horrible for visibility. I really don't like these fake SUVs... crossovers... whatever you call them. You could see around you better in the larger Expedition.
23.Mar Accident! - [Pics soon] - Went to visit the car. They told me they'd fix the wing that was never on right. Rim was refinished. It was waiting on the tail lights and needed to be put back together. Should be ready in a couple days. In other news, the Edge burns gas as badly as the Expedition. Truck seems too heavy for that 4 cylinder.
02.Apr Accident! - Those few days turned into a week and a few days. Picked up the car. It looks great. Body and paint are immaculate. The debadging came out perfect. The wing finally looks proper. It's the interior details that are horrendous... trunk mat was missing, clips missing... dust still in some places. A few hours later i find out they truly killed my battery. Two and a half of those hours were spent waiting for AAA to give me a jump. Refuse to buy a battery until i take it back and complain. It worked just fine when it went in the shop and really isnt that old.
04.Apr Jumped the car, headed back to the shop to complain. I'm just assed out and need to get a new battery, they say. A clip was replaced, a hook they left out for my trunk'll be ordered. Decided to just buy a Honda battery since it didnt cost much more than one from Wal-Mart. I may have been able to get the Wal Mart one replaced for free, but Honda was closer, and the power issues were getting worse. I guess the battery does resolve all the issues i had. I'm so worn out I havent taken pics. Eventually. $92.02
21.May Noticed a small nick in the windshield. I think it happened the other day when some rocks kicked up on the highway. At this point, it's repairable, so i'll have to call it in to insurance so it can be fixed for free.
25.May Called in the windshield nick yesterday and Safelite was sent out again to repair it. Was a little unsure about the guy that came out to do it, but it's all done, and no charge thanks to insurance.
15.Jun Made love to a pothole. Checked the tire shortly after and all looked fine. Lil bit later heard and felt a creak from the pass/front EVERY time i pulled off from a dead stop. Sounded like suspension, stopped by dealer, got a mechanic to drive with... agreed it sounds like suspension. Also had issues smelling antifreeze since about 1,000 miles after the water pump replacement, and a really random engine light since last summer. Made an appt for Monday for all three issues.
18.Jun Parked on the street at my parents' house and a couple hours later, i noticed a pool of fluid under the front passenger side. Of course, it's tinted green. Looks like the radiator gave up. I hope not.
21.Jun Dropped the car off yesterday but it wouldn't get looked at until this morning. The radiator DID give up, and the front passenger strut and control arm were damaged from the pothole. The check engine light may have been an indicator of an issue with the radiator, so after it's replaced we'll see. Replacing the radiator, upper and lower hoses, thermostat, passenger front strut and lower control arm. Looking at $1,500. Still need to do the rear brakes afterward, which won't be through the dealer.
23.Jun 112,956 mi - Replaced front passenger strut and control arm + alignment. Replaced the radiator, upper and lower hoses and thermostat. 10% discount.

Turns out the pothole bent the subframe ever so slightly, but it aligns properly. There was a mouse in the bumper near the small hole in the radiator. The check engine light was actually due to low coolant all this time.

Picked up rear brake pads when i picked up the car. 15% discount. (I really should be ordering these things online.. it's cheaper with shipping sometimes!!!) $57.56
27.Jun Check engine light came back on over the weekend. Idle was low just this morning. Ran by to schedule an appt. Car goes back in next week. No diagnostic charge.
07.Jul 113,475 mi - Dropped car off a couple days ago. Error code showed P0506, Idle air control system lower than expected. Air tube was replaced. Error codes also showed to replace the brake switch. They advised this could affect the difficulty getting the key out the ignition while in park. Opted out of the brake switch. Air tube, labor and a discount... $123.50
Mechanic also replaced the rear brake pads for me... and took a cd out my changer to go copy it since he liked it so much. Smh. Already noted the brakes so this is the labor cost.. $40.00
01.Aug Barely been driving the car. Started it up. Engine light's back on. SMH Car goes in Friday.
05.Aug Took the car in. Diag reads the Idle Air Control system is low, and the brake switch needs replacing. More diags need to be run, but my mechanic was going back on vacation. Car goes back in on the 15th.
Managed to finally get updated pics of the car after a wash, using my boy's HTC Inspire's 8MP camera. Came out well. These are the first pics with the projectors, led tails, and fogs all in at the same time! [Since I'm in the process of updating the site, it'll be a while before you see em here. They're posted on my Google+ page though.]
15.Aug 114,146 mi - Took the car back in. Code read P0506 - Idle air control system low. Also 68-1 - Brake switch failure. Turns out there was carbon buildup on the throttle plate. I'll replace the brake switch myself. They cleaned the throttle plate. I hate that I was charged for this, but at least they cut the labor in half. $49.00 + tax $52.43
20.Sep Finally ordered parts from Majestic Honda. Replacing the mangled splash shield, brake switch, rear 6x9s and threw in a couple sets of wiper blade rubbers. Will pick up some H3 bulbs locally to change before it gets too cold. $89.66
25.Sep Got my parts from Majestic. Put in the brake switch and both 6x9s today. Feels GREAT to have bass again. Shoulder problems prevent me from replacing the splash shield, headlight bulbs and putting on the lip, for now. Hopefully I'm better by next weekend and can get to it. Tomorrow I start driving 100mi/day, so I ordered the top half of the nose mask since the bottom won't fit once I put the front lip on. Ordered it from H and A Accessories. I'm concerned with the rocks that love my hood and windshield.. not so much with the bugs. $64.49
Running total minus the cost of the car ... $6,867.24
[to be continued foreva...]